The Perfect Basket Stuffer

The New Spring & Easter 2023 Squishmallows Are Perfection

Seriously, a Squishmallow egg? Genius.

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I have three daughters, which means my house is literally bursting to the seams with Squishmallows. But, come on. They’re Squishmallows. Which means it doesn’t matter if my husband and I eventually have to start sleeping in the shed outside — we can’t stop getting Squishmallows. And the spring 2023 and Easter 2023 Squishmallows might be some of the cutest yet.

One of the things I love most about Squishmallows is how they’re available literally everywhere. You can find them at Walmart, at Target, online, even the magical seasonal aisle at Walgreens. And they’re often in different sizes and slightly different varieties, so basically you can spend your whole life searching for cute Squishmallows. The dreeeeam.

The new spring and Easter Squishmallows are as darling as you’d imagine. I especially love the floral collection, which includes a sweet, pastel floral pattern on the belly of some very cute animal-themed Squishmallows, like lambs and frogs. There are also, of course, some very specific Easter-themed Squishmallows like eggs and bunnies, but you truly just can’t go wrong with any of them. Whether you’re buying them as Easter basket stuffers or just to add to your collection, these new spring 2023 and Easter Squishmallows are so sweet.


Aimee The Yellow Chick Squishmallow

Omg, I can not with this yellow chick Squishmallow. First of all, her name is Aimee, which is perfection anyway. But add in the soft green polka dots, her yellow body, and bunny ears? Adorable. This is a 12” Squishmallow, so it’s the perfect size for an Easter gift.


Set Of 3 Easter Squishmallows

OK, talk about perfection. This set of three Easter squishmallows includes a bunny, a chick, and an egg, and I can’t decide if I like them better all together, or making each one a separate gift. (I have three daughters, so this sounds like the perfect way to stuff some Easter baskets.)


Spring Easter Egg Squishmallow

The Easter egg was already my favorite Squishmallow, so I’m obsessed with this 12” spring Easter egg Squishmallow. The colors are so sweet and perfect for this stime of year, but just knowing you get to cuddle and snuggle a literal egg is the best.


Squishmallows Chick Easter Basket

Expanding Squishmallows into Easter baskets is genius, and this Ivanna Squishmallows Easter basket is so lovely. Shaped like a chick, it features a yellow handle that matches the body, but the rest of the basket is just basically a Squishmallow. It still has the trademark softness, your kiddos can just use it to stash their Easter eggs, too.


Squishmallows Bunny Easter Basket

Am I too old to have a Squishmallows Easter basket? Because this Squishmallows Easter basket shaped like a bunny is going to be my new bag. I’ll take it to the grocery store, the airport, literally everywhere. Look at it! It has the cutest pink bunny-shaped basket, and then big, floppy, pastel rainbow ears hanging over the side. Just adorable.


Squishmallows Bunny With Carrot

Another great Easter-themed Squishmallows is this adorable bunny holding a carrot which has “Don’t worry, be hoppy” embroidered on top. Amazing. I need this as my own motivational tool, and at 16”, it’s extra nice and snuggly.


Squishmallows Brown Cow

Hello, please meet the new love of my life, Griella. Griella is a brown cow with literal rainbow spots on her belly — and a wink! — and I love her so much. At 14”, this sweet Squishmallows cow is just the right bedtime size, and would work so well as an Easter gift, a spring birthday present, or a just-because treat. I love that she’s not overly Easter-y, but is still clearly a spring toy.


Squishmallows Floral Lamb

OK, and then to go with the cow, there’s the sweetest lamb named Elea who is part of “The Floral Squad,” which features this adorable floral pattern right on her belly and on the inside of her ears. She’s just at 12”, so she’s also the perfect size for an Easter basket.


Floral Frog Squishmallow

I’m not usually someone who loves frogs, but then again, I had never met Fritz the Squishmallow before. At 11 inches, Fritz is a light green frog with a floral belly and the world’s most perfect eyeballs right on top of his body. He’s so adorable, and would match really well with the cow or lamb, but can also stand alone as one of the best spring squishmallows.

OK, it’s time to get your favorite. Even if you don’t want to make it an Easter gift and you just really need a floral Squishmallow cow in your house — go for it.