St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate St. Patrick's day with these fun gifts for your family.
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21 St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas For Everyone You Know

Ideas for when green beer just won’t do.

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You have your head-to-toe green outfit planned for a night of pub hopping and you’ve mapped out your town’s parade route with your kids so you can catch bucketsful of candy, but have you done any shopping for St. Patrick’s Day gifts? When you think of the mid-March holiday, the first thing that probably pops into your mind isn’t gift-giving, but perhaps it should be. How fun would it be to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a gift or two for your kids, your parter, your friends, or anyone else in your life who could use a bit of joy?

Are you rolling your eyes at the thought of having to shop for yet another gift-giving holiday so soon after the Christmas rush and Valentine’s Day sprint? I totally get it — being a magic-maker is exhausting. But, if you’re looking for a way to spread some goodness and cheer in the world, a sweet surprise on a holiday not typically reserved for gifts can do just that.

From thoughtful presents like a four-leaf clover charm necklace for your Irish BFF to a silly leprechaun-adorned beanie that your teen can (sham)rock on a cool spring day, there’s something for everyone in your life on this list. Whether you gift your child’s teachers a sweet coffee mug or fill a basket with green-themed goodies to drop on your neighbor’s doorstep, these St. Patrick’s Day gifts are sure to brighten anyone’s day on March 17.


A Twirly St. Patrick’s Day Dress

If your kiddo loves to twirl, gift them with a sweet St. Patrick’s Day gift in the form of a super twirly and comfy St. Patrick’s Day dress. From Posh Peanut, this adorable St. Patrick’s day print features clovers, pots of gold, and rainbows, and also comes in other styles, like bubble rompers, pajamas, and more.


A Holiday-Themed Popcorn Box

Fancy popcorn is an appropriate gift for pretty much anyone you can think of. Your kids, your spouse, your boss, your friends, your kid’s teachers, your parents — it literally works for them all. If they like popcorn even a little bit, it’s a good gift because there are a variety of flavors to choose from.

The “Packed With Pop” popcorn gift set from The Popcorn Factory includes five flavors — butter, cheese, caramel, cookies and creme, and white cheddar — all individually wrapped and packed inside of an adorable St. Patrick’s Day-themed box. This is also a great gift choice to send to loved ones who may not live close to you.


A St. Patrick’s Day Picture Book

Part of the How to Catch series, if your kids love titles like How to Catch an Elf and How to Catch a Unicorn, consider adding How to Catch a Leprechaun to their collection as a St. Patrick’s Day gift. Author Adam Wallace and illustrator Andy Elkerton really hit it out of the park with this zany, Irish-themed tale.

Books are my go-to gift for my own kids, but also for all of the other kids in our life. Going to a birthday party? Gift a book. Want to give your nephew a St. Patrick’s Day surprise? A book is perfect. Basically, you just really can’t go wrong with a sweet picture book, especially when it’s on-theme like this one.


Shamrock Soap

Spread the luck of the Irish to your friends, coworkers, neighbors, or anyone else who would appreciate a delicious-smelling soap set with this St. Patrick’s Day gift. Each box comes complete with three shamrock-shaped soaps in varying scents like spearmint eucalyptus, greenhouse, clover and aloe, sweet clover, and cucumber melon.

Made in small batches, each soap bar is handcrafted from a goat’s milk base and hand cut into an adorable shamrock shape, perfect for celebrating the holiday. They come wrapped in clear cellophane with a cute gift tag, but you can also upgrade your soap’s packaging to a small gift box for just a dollar extra.


A Four-Leaf Clover Fanny Pack

For the person in your life who you can guarantee will be at a pub pounding green beers like it’s their paying job on March 17, this hilarious beer holder fanny pack is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day gift. With this gift, there’s no need to shout “hold my beer” when they take to the floor to recreate Riverdance.

The fanny pack set is made from dark green nylon and is adorned with shamrocks in gold and bright green. Look, if they’re going to dance the night away doing an Irish jig (or at least attempting to) why not gift them somewhere safe to store their drink while they do?


A Stuffed Shamrock

A soft, cuddly shamrock is a cute gift to give small kids in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. This adorable plush symbol of the Luck of the Irish is from Hugglefleece, and features the company’s famous fleece material and corduroy for a super luxurious-feeling gift.


A St. Patrick’s Day Bib

There are few things better than accessorizing your baby for the holidays, and this My First St. Patrick’s Day bib from Carter’s is perfect for keeping your baby pinch-proof all day long.


Irish Pug Socks

From tweens and teens to your wife or bestie, these Irish Pug socks from Target are just too cute. It’s perfect if you want to hide your St. Patrick’s Day glee under your jeans or pants, but they would also be super cute to show off to anyone and everyone who tries to pinch you.


A Shamrock Charm Necklace

How beautiful is this minimalist-style clover pendant? The necklace chain and shamrock pendant are made from solid 14K gold, and the pendant is shaded with a bright green enamel coloring. The standard chain length for this necklace is 18-inches, but you can also customize the length and style of the chain for an additional fee.

If you’re looking for a special gift to give someone who has strong ties to the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, this is a fantastic choice. It’s also a great piece if you want to treat yourself with something gorgeous to wear in honor of the holiday.


A Set Of Shamrock Mugs

From your kids’ teachers to your mother-in-law, your favorite neighbor, or even yourself, this shamrock-adorned mug set is a fun St. Patrick’s Day gift idea for the tea and coffee drinkers in your life. This set of two ivory-colored coffee mugs features a basketweave design with a hand painted sprig of green four-leaf clovers.

Each mug holds 8 ounces of liquid luck (or, you know, coffee and Irish cream) to celebrate the holiday in style. They’re microwave safe (for anyone who needs to reheat their cup of coffee for the fifth time) and can also be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


A Rainbow Pop-It

Does your child need yet another pop-it to add to their (already overwhelmingly large) collection? Not necessarily. But, you know they love them, so if you’re going to get them a St. Patrick’s Day gift anyway, you might as well get them an inexpensive toy that you know they’re going to play with for hours on end.

According to St. Patrick’s Day lore, leprechauns hide their pots of golden treasure at the end of the rainbow, so a rainbow-shaped pop-it is a cute choice for the holiday. These pop-its are made from non-toxic silicone and include 29 flexible bubbles to poke, prod, and pop back and forth from one side to the other.


A Leprechaun Beanie

If anyone in your life is in need of a St. Patrick’s Day gift that they can also wear out in the world to celebrate the holiday, consider this hilariously fun leprechaun beanie. Complete with red eyebrows and a sprig of shamrocks on top, it is just too cute to pass up.

The beanie is a one size fits most style with an opening that can stretch to accommodate various head sizes. The hat’s opening measures 21 inches around when not stretched. While this might not be the right fit for especially young kids, it would likely work just fine for older kids, teens, and adults alike.


A Clover Candle

What’s better than a gift that smells good? A gift that smells good and is sparkly. This Four Leaf Clover candle from DW Home is one St. Patrick’s Day gift that is sure to (literally) brighten anyone’s day.

The candle is a glittery green color and features a clover scent with notes of sweet island willow, green sugarcane, white hyacinth, blonde woods, and citrus. One reviewer noted that it’s “entrancing to watch the glitter” as it sparkles, and another said the scent reminds her daughter of a trip to Ireland. One 9-ounce candle offers approximately 30 hours of burn time.


A St. Patrick’s Day Bath Bomb

These sweet mini St. Patrick’s Day bath bombs are so fun for a festive bath, and is scented with peppermint. As the shamrock starts to dissolve in the water, a tiny little figurine will emerge for even more bath time fun.


Mini Personalized Pub Signs

A personalized Irish pub sign is a sweet gift to give friends and loved ones this St. Patrick’s Day. Each sign is customized with the name and year of your choice and comes complete with a wooden frame in gray elm, dark walnut, or black. You can even add a traditional Irish prefix like “O” or “Mc” to the name to give it a real Irish feel.

Choose from a 4-inch square frame or slightly larger 5.5-inch square that’s perfect for decorating. They look cute set up on a shelf, the mantle, or as a fun addition to a St. Patrick’s Day-themed tier tray.


A Celebratory Cake

Give the gift of something scrumptious with this incredible St. Patrick’s Day cake, The St. PatCaken. Never heard of a PieCaken? Allow me to introduce you to your newest obsession. It’s part cake, part pie, and layers upon layers of delicious.

This particular variety was created by the PieCaken Bakeshop and includes layers of whiskey pecan pie, Bailey’s cheesecake, and Guinness green velvet cake, all held together with salted caramel frosting. As if the flavor combinations weren’t idyllic enough for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, the entire cake is coated in a layer of frosting with green and gold sprinkles to make it look extra festive.


A Shamrock Bracelet

Gift someone you care about a little bit of luck this St. Patrick’s Day. This beautiful bracelet features a clear pendant with a real pressed shamrock inside. Yes, it’s an actual clover plant that’s been preserved inside of a glass globe using a natural method without any harsh chemicals. The clover center piece is attached to green rope next to a dangling leaf-shaped pendant and dainty silver details. The claw clasp closure is adjustable to accommodate different wrist sizes.

As a gift for the plant lovers in your life on a day other than March 17, Etsy seller Color Republic also offers this same bracelet design with pressed wildflowers in yellow, purple, pink, orange, and blue.


A St. Patrick’s Day Flower Arrangement

A pretty flower arrangement is a great way to brighten someone’s day, but it’s also an especially fun thing to give (or receive) on a day when it’s unexpected — St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect example! You can send a beautiful bouquet filled with green mums, white tulips, and white lilies to make the day of a friend or family member on March 17. The shimmering gold ribbon, extra greenery, and glass keepsake vase make this particular arrangement especially festive for St. Patty’s Day.

When you order from the From You Flowers website, a local florist will arrange and deliver your bouquet to the recipient. You can also add on extras like a box of chocolates to your floral gift.


A Green Beer Dog Toy

Who says man’s best friend can’t also enjoy a pint of green beer on St. Patrick’s Day? Well, your probably shouldn’t give your dog actual beer, but a squeaky toy shaped like a mug full of brew is the next best thing.

This adorable plush dog toy is just perfect for sharing the luck of the Irish when you’re playing fetch with Fido on March 17. Shaped like a beer mug, it’s covered in green plaid fabric with fluffy white “foam” coming out of the top. The green and white rope handle is great for playing tug-o-war and the little green shamrock poking out of the top of the toy adds a really festive touch.


St. Patrick’s Day Dish Towels

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a big “decorate” holiday, but these kitchen towels are a sweet gift idea to help someone celebrate. They come in a two-pack, and have a sweet clover pattern repeating over both towels, one with a white background and one with a dark green background.


Lucky Charms Slime

What kid doesn’t love a festive slime? This fun Lucky Charms slime from CozmicSlimezCo on Etsy is also magical — add in the small clay clover on top to turn the white slime into a glossy green slime, just like changing up your Lucky Charms cereal milk. Add in all the fun little charms and you have a super fun sensory gift for St. Patrick’s Day.

Whether you want to gift your Irish friend something fun for St. Patrick’s Day or you just want to celebrate your baby’s first wear-green-or-be-pinched holiday, these St. Patrick’s Day gifts are perfect for celebrating.

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