Stranger Things costumes for Halloween 2022
You'll Be Running Up That Hill For These Stranger Things Costumes

Be your own Hellfire Club.

Strange things are supposed to happen on Halloween, but you probably won’t find it frightening to see tons of Stranger Things Halloween costumes this year. The hit Netflix show has almost every element that you would want in an American science fiction horror TV series: A mysterious disappearance, demonic forces, some scrappy kids fighting against evil, and as much ‘80s nostalgia (and graphic gore) as you can handle. So, it makes sense that your tween, teen, younger child (or even yourself) might want to dress up as Eleven, Max, or even Argyle, the Surfer Boy Pizza guy.

But, what you’ll find as you’re searching for Stranger Things Halloween costumes is that many are meant for adults. That’s perhaps not completely shocking, since the Emmy Award-winning show — with its TV-14 rating — isn’t really for the elementary school set. You’ll find a lot of online debate as to the age-appropriateness of the show, particularly Season 4, which ramped up the carnage.

If you’re looking to dress up like Max — or any of your favorite characters from this show — you might be running up that hill (wink wink) to wear these Stranger Things costumes that can help you slay on Halloween.

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Stranger Things teen Max costume

Max has certainly stepped up in Stranger Things, and nowhere has her power been more powerful than in the “Dear Billy” episode. You know the one: Vecna and Max have a standoff in the Upside Down. When Max realizes she wants to live, Running Up That Hill starts playing, and Max takes off back to her friends. For such a symbolic scene that had so many viewers crying, you might want to capture the essence of Max by wearing her iconic blue jacket with yellow and white stripes. It’s made from South Korean silk and is a must for any Max fan. Pair with some jeans and sneaks for a complete look.


Stranger Things girl’s Eleven costume

Sometimes it takes a while to develop your sense of style. And that’s definitely the case for Eleven, who went from wearing hand-me-downs and plaids to a pretty romper, like this one from Amazon. The bold geometric design is a total ‘80s throwback, but this costume can definitely be worn well after Halloween. The jumpsuit has two side pockets and a front button-down design. It’s made from a poly/spandex fabric that has some stretch, perfect for all the playing your child will do during the holiday.


Stranger Things adult Hopper costume

James “Jim” Hopper goes from being the Chief of Police in Hawkins, Indiana to being imprisoned in Kamchatka, Russia. Oh, and he also manages to kill the Demogorgon and some Demodogs, too, with help from Joyce and Murray. That might be one of the many reasons you’ll want to dress up as Hopper this Halloween. This costume comes with a jacket and hat that will make you look like the hometown hero for sure.


Stranger Things adult Hawkins basketball uniform

Be a part of the Hawkins High Basketball Team when you wear this basketball uniform that looks just like the one in Stranger Things. The officially-licensed costume includes a jersey, shorts, and knee-high tube socks that — just like the TV show — scream ‘80s. In the show, the school’s basketball team is known as “The Tigers” and players on the team include Lucas, Josh, Andy, Patrick, and Chance. The team represents an opportunity to move forward despite the tragedies in the town, but as fans know, evil is lurking nearby.


Stranger Things tween classic pink Eleven dress

If anyone has gone through an evolution on Stranger Things, it’s Eleven. Her style changes from season to season and, in episode four of the first season, that’s thanks in great part to her glam squad: Mike, Lucas, and Dustin. El goes from wearing hospital gowns and a buzz cut to the memorable pink dress and blonde wig, which viewers will remember as being “pretty….good.” Now your tween can look “pretty…good” too, thanks to the Classic Pink Dress Eleven Costume. The slip-on dress has a white peplum collar and classic ‘80s puffy sleeves. Pair it with a windbreaker, and your tween will look like one of the gang.


Stranger Things Vecna mask

Every horror story needs an evil antagonist, and Stranger Things has theirs in Vecna. Dubbed Vecna after the Dungeons & Dragons character, Vecna was once a little boy named Henry Creel, who, if you follow the show, did some pretty despicable things to his family before becoming a maniacal murderer intent on destroying humanity. Unlike Vecna, this costume is eco-friendly. You’ll be able to see out from the mask, thanks to two large mesh holes, and the large pore mouth will help you breathe better as you scare the kids in your neighborhood.


Stranger Things Demogorgon costume

Stranger Things fans will take one look at this inflatable Demogorgon costume and know immediately that it’s the monster from the series. The Demogorgon is an evil creature that can travel between dimensions, and ultimately ends up taking Will with it into the Upside Down. It’s not until Eleven’s confrontation with the creature eventually annihilates it into a pile of ashes. But you can still dress up as the Demogorgon when you don this inflatable costume that will creep out a lot of kids — as long as you don’t forget to bring your batteries.


Stranger Things adult Eddie Munson costume

If you’re looking to dress up as the unsung hero of Hawkins, this Eddie Munson costume (which some say was inspired by Eddie Van Halen of ‘80s rock group Van Halen) comes with a jacket and an attached faux tee that sports the printed graphics of the Hellfire Club on the front. Your own jeans and sneaks will make you look just like this cool character.


Stranger Things Class Lucas tween costume

When it comes to good friends, you can’t beat Lucas Sinclair. As the BFF to Mike, Dustin, Will, and Eleven, Lucas is always ready to help, whether that means battling the Demogorgon or distracting the Mind Flayer so El could close the Gate for good. That might explain why your tween would want to dress up as a member of the Hawkins High basketball team — even if Lucas has been a benchwarmer at times. The costume looks exactly like the one from the series, and comes with a jacket with an attached shirt and pants.


Stranger Things kid’s Dustin costume

With a punny name like Camp Know Where, you know that something is about to go down, especially if you’re watching Stranger Things. But it was at Camp Know Where that Dustin not only stands up to bullies, but he meets Suzie, his girlfriend, and makes three inventions: The Forever Clock, a mini windmill, The Slammer, an automatic hammer, and the Cerebro, a ham radio. When your kid is clamoring to attend science camp, too, they can be just like Dustin and don this fun Camp Know Where shirt. If it’s cold on Halloween, just layer the look so your science-loving kid can stay warm while trick-or-treating.


Stranger Things kid’s Steeve Scoops Ahoy costume

You can’t get a more classic high school job than serving up scoops of ice cream. And that’s just what Steve Harrington is doing — until the Spider Monster and a fire come along and destroy the Starcourt Mall, that is. Still, you might smell the scent of vanilla and chocolate ice cream in the air when your child wears this Steve Scoops Ahoy Halloween costume.


Stranger Things adult Hawkins plus-size cheerleader costume

Get your pom poms ready to root on the home team when you wear the Adult Hawkins High Cheerleader Plus Size Costume. The cheerleader costume is green and orange with white trim. The HHS logo is screen-printed over the megaphone icon, just like in the series. You won’t have to worry about your pleated skirt slipping while you do a rally cheer, since the sleeveless top and skirt are attached. Add a pair of white Keds (which are totally ‘80s), a super thick Scrunchie, and you’ll look just like the cheerleaders from Stranger Things Season Four. Go team!


Stranger Things tween Argyle Surfer Boy costume

Argyle might start off as the guy who smokes “smelly plants”, according to El, but Argyle is a hero in the making. Sure, he delivers pizzas for Surfer Boy Pizza, but he also helps his bud Jonathan when his house is under attack by military soldiers. So, if your party plans include some pepperoni pizzas, your tween or teen might love getting dressed as Argyle — since the costume includes the Surfer Boy Pizza shirt, oversized shirt, and absolutely awesome ‘80s pants.

Whether you’re dressed as El, Max, or a Demogorgon, you’ll have a totally amazing time wearing these Stranger Things costumes that are an homage not just to sci-fi horror, but are a love letter to the ‘80s, as well.