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10 Super Bowl Party Games To Play While You Watch The Main Event

For those who are in it for the commercials.

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As anyone who isn’t a major football fan probably knows, the Super Bowl is entertaining, but it can feel a little long. If you’re looking for something to do other than, you know, watching the entire game, these Super Bowl games for adults are fun for everyone.

This year, Super Bowl 58 is on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2023 and the Kansas City Chiefs (sponsored by Taylor Swift) are playing the San Francisco 49ers. Usher is headlining the halftime show, and the millenials’ excitement can not be contained. If you’re starting to realize just how long one 15-minute quarter can really stretch, try busting out one of these Super Bowl games that keep things lively (and some of them are printable PDFs you could literally buy and print in the middle of the game). From bingo cards that turn the commercials into a competition, to tabletop cornhole, or good old trivia, there’s a game here that everyone will love. (Like spot the Taylor Swift.) Even those who want to keep one eye on the TV screen can still be involved, but just be prepared for a super fan who doesn’t speak to anyone during the game (everyone knows one) to refuse to play.


Super Bowl squares game

Super Bowl squares are a classic game, so why not make some Super Bowl 58-themed printables and get the fun going? You can print this squares game in three different sizes, so if you want to make a big one to hang on the wall, that would be super fun for the game. And bonus: there’s nothing to do really as the Super Bowl is actually happening, you just get to see how the numbers go.


Taylor Swift Super Bowl bingo

I mean, come on. People are literally planning out what time Taylor Swift will land in Vegas from Japan, of course a Taylor Swift Super Bowl bingo game is a must-play. Even if you don’t have any diehard Swifties watching the game, this is a fun way to enjoy this very specific Super Bowl guest.


Super Bowl bingo

Bingo is a fun Super Bowl game everyone can play, and because it actually requires you to keep a close eye on the game, no one will complain that they’re missing out. Included with your purchase of this Super Bowl 58 printable bingo board is 40 distinct cards, and they’re digital downloads so you can print them out day of. With a mix of things that happen during commercials and during the game itself, this will keep everyone on their toes. And if you’re really going all out, you could use football confetti to mark off the spaces and give the board a festive upgrade. Just make sure to have a great prize on hand for the winner.


Inflatable throwing game

This is one of those games that just gets more and more fun as the game (and the drinks) progress. Perfect for active kids (and adults) who need something to do during commercial breaks, the Inflataman Football Challenge from GoSports comes with one inflatable receiver that stands an impressive six feet tall, four inflatable footballs, and a dry erase board that’s used for keeping score, plus full rules for the game. This inflates by mouth, pump, or even with a hair dryer set on a cool setting. Just note this is best outside or in a very large space like a basement.


Super Bowl prediction game

See if there are any psychics (or just good guessers) in your company with this fun Super Bowl prediction game. Before kickoff, everyone fills out their guesses for everything from who will win, to whether the coin toss will be heads or tails, to what color Gatorade will spill out in the celebration shower. Whoever gets the most right is the winner. This is a digital download and you can print however many you need.


Super Bowl trivia

If you’re looking for a fun way to get the party started, make trivia game night part of your Super Bowl viewing party. If you want to make it super competitive, try giving each competitor a buzzer à la Jeopardy, and whoever buzzes in first gets a chance to answer. You can make it as easy or hard as you’d like (maybe even set aside a separate set of questions for the kids), as long or short as you feel, and you’ll probably learn a fact or 20 just from putting the game together.


Super Bowl commercial trivia

Yes this is another Super Bowl bingo game, but it’s only for commercials, so the loyal Chiefs or 49ers fans can’t get mad at you for interrupting the game. Plus because the boards are so visual (no real reading required), kids may be able to get in on the fun too, albeit with a little help. Each of the printable cards has a different arrangement of brands that you can definitely expect to see (like Pepsi and NBC for example), and this is a fun way to turn the ads into a lighthearted (or cut-throat, who’s to say?) competition.


Tabletop cornhole

Cornhole is a great way to introduce some friendly competition into any Super Bowl party. Being that the big game is in February, where in many places it’s cold and snowy, you may not want to bust out the large cornhole set and make everyone trek outside (plus that would mean you’d miss the game). This mini tabletop cornhole set is perfect for anyone who wants to keep one eye on the game while also doing something with their hands. Instead of throwing the bags, you launch them, and the game includes the board, launchers, eight mini bean bags, four score pegs, an Allen wrench to adjust launcher distance, and instructions.


A football brain teaser

Super Bowl games can actually be quiet and not require much more than a couple of toothpicks. All For The Boys has the scoop on how this sporty football brain teaser works, but basically you’ll set each guest up with a field goal made of toothpicks, then try to get them to make it so the football is on the outside, but you can only move a certain amount of toothpicks (I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile now and it still hasn’t clicked). As long as no one spoils how to do it, this is a low-key game that keeps people occupied and that everyone can play at their own pace.


Super Bowl drinking game

A drinking game is always fun and these Super Bowl drinking game printables make it extra easy. There are categories for take a drink, finish your drink, and take a shot, so things can get wild real fast. Maybe make up your own category for sips of water in between to keep everyone safe and having fun.

Whether you want to play games to avoid watching the actual Super Bowl or just want to combine the fun, these Super Bowl party games are a must for any football get-together.

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