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Tea Collection Now Has A Mommy & Me Line

And moms of boys are totally included, too.

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I have three daughters, so basically any chance I get to match with them and have all four of us in coordinating outfits? I’m gonna take it. Luckily, matching mommy and me outfits are becoming more popular, and major brands have jumped on the trend, including Tea Collection. Tea Collection is known for its bold patterns and prints from around the globe — the current collections are all inspired by Mexico — and the mommy and me capsule collection is no different. With three one-of-a-kind Tea Collection prints, the Mommy and Me Tea Collection line will include adult-sized dresses that coordinate with kids’ dresses, two-piece sets, button-up shirts, and baby romper styles so every kiddo can match perfectly. (Yep, that means you moms with boys need to get in on this action, too.)

These new mommy and me pieces join the Tea Collection family swim line which also includes adult sizes, as well as the pajama lines that also have adult sizing. Think bright happy colors, lots of gorgeous prints, and just an air of sweet spring and summertime with every look. I’m obsessed with all of them, but one of the things I always love about Tea Collection is how the clothes are designed to be lived in. These aren’t just fancy dresses or shirts that your kids will only get one air out of — everything, from the rompers to the dresses to the sets, can be worn to a party or day out, but also worn in the backyard for some epic playtime. The Mommy and Me Tea Collection capsule has the same energy — these are dresses I’d love to wear to a fancy Mother’s Day brunch, but I can also hoist babies on my hip and chase my big girls around the zoo in them, too.

Another bonus? The children’s sizes range from baby to size 16, which means even the big kids can match with you and their siblings. There’s nothing I hate more than only finding clothes to fit my two big girls and not the baby, or my two little ones and not their big sister. The Tea Collection Mommy and Me capsule makes sure everyone can be involved.

I mean, does it get any cuter than everyone in plaid? I do love that all of the adult dresses available in the line are the same smocked design, but that each little pattern collection features some different pieces. So look at the patterns, for sure, but also figure out if your kids would prefer dresses or button-down shirts, or if a flutter jumpsuit or two-piece set might be more their style. Looking at the actual pieces themselves, and not just the patterns, can help you decide. (Or a piece from each pattern? Yes, please!)

The matching mommy and me capsule line from Tea Collection is available online now, and is perfect for any Easter or Mother’s Day get-togethers this spring. (Or, honestly, anytime you just want to look cute with your kids.) And remember that your shopping gives back. Tea continues to donate 10% of profits to the Global Fund for Children, giving over $1.5 million to date.