Maternity Leave

If your friend's maternity leave is ending, these supportive texts can help them feel better.
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30 Texts To Send To A Friend Whose Maternity Leave Is Ending

Before they head back to work after baby, send a text to brighten their day.

Everything that happens in your life once you have a baby just feels different. From simple things like showering or making a meal to the big stuff like heading back to work, post-birth life brings a whirlwind of emotions. These texts to send to a friend whose maternity leave is ending are one way to encourage the new moms in your life to keep her head up despite all of the chaos of the moment.

With so many changes in their life, support from friends can mean the world to a mom who is faced with the end of maternity leave. After weeks at home to bond with their new baby, anxious feelings about re-entering the workforce are bound to happen. Maybe she’s doubting her ability to keep up, wondering what to wear, is worried about childcare or the office, or she’s just going to miss cuddling her baby all day — whatever her feelings are, they’re valid and they matter. A quick text from a friend can bolster confidence and provide some much-needed solidarity.

It can also be exciting for moms to get back to a part of their pre-baby life, but every person will feel a little different about this time. No matter what your friend is feeling about their return to work, there’s a text below to help you show them that you care.

Supportive Texts For The End of Maternity Leave

  • You’re a fantastic employee and an even better mom. You wear both hats so well and I can’t wait to see you shine back at the office.
  • I am so proud of you and I know that your baby is, too.
  • The end of maternity leave is actually the beginning of a new chapter in your life, and I know you’re going to rock it.
  • Don’t worry about cooking on your first day back. I’ll drop off dinner at 6.
  • You’ve got this.
  • Your baby is going to love playing with all the other babies at day care — they’ll learn so much!
  • You survived a 14-hour labor, sleepless nights, and cluster feeding. Your first day back at the office will be like a walk in the park, mama.
  • Everyone at work is going to be so excited to have you back!
  • If your baby could talk, they’d say, “Good luck at work, mom!”
  • Your feelings right now are so valid.
  • Your maternity leave may be ending, but the bond you’ve made with your baby is for life.
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“Been There, Done That” Texts

  • I know how hard it is to head back to work after maternity leave. I’m here if you need to talk.
  • Here’s a digital gift card for coffee. Based on my personal experience, I know you’ll need it.
  • If I can do it, you can do it.
  • Text me on your pump break if you need to vent!
  • I know you’ll have a lot on your plate when you get back to work, so I’ll come by at lunch with takeout.
  • I know your desk isn’t where your heart wants to be, but I promise everything will be OK.
  • Take some photos of your baby to put on your desk. Seeing their adorable face will help you get through the day.
  • Don’t listen to your co-worker’s unsolicited baby advice if you don’t want to. Nobody is a better mom to your baby than you and you’re doing great.
  • Going back to work is hard, but I promise that not having to change diapers all day is amazing.
  • It’s hard right now, but it gets easier, I swear.

Funny End Of Maternity Leave Texts

  • Happy last day of freedom!
  • I can’t wait to hear how nice it is to spend a solid eight hours with adults again.
  • Congratulations on surviving maternity leave! Spending 24/7 with a newborn is no joke.
  • Seriously, nobody at the office will know that your dress is a maternity dress. The fact that it's adorable is all that matters.
  • Don’t you wish maternity leave lasted forever? Me either. Congratulations on getting back to work!
  • Pumping at work is just like pumping at home, but the chairs usually aren’t as comfortable.
  • If you want to escape a boring meeting, just yell, “I’m leaking!” and run out of the room. They won’t ask questions, I promise.
  • Wanna pack up our babies and run away to a private island instead of heading back to work? (We don’t even have to take the husbands.)
  • Spit-up is 100% an acceptable accessory to wear to work now.