When mom is overwhelmed, these texts can help.
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35 Things To Text A Mom Friend Who’s Overwhelmed

“Just FYI: Your walk-in closet makes a great hideout.”

When you hit a rough patch, a text from a friend can be an instant bright spot. And when you’re an overwhelmed mom, a text from a mom friend who’s been in your shoes can make you feel seen. If you have a mom friend who is just barely keeping her head above water, a quick text with a few encouraging words, a funny meme, or an offer to do her next late-night diaper run can mean the world.

As a mom who’s lived through several stressful seasons with little ones running around, my favorite thing to see in a text from a fellow mom is a disclaimer that reads something like “you don’t have to reply right now.” This is so helpful when you want to show your solidarity and support, but don’t want to add anything else to a frazzled mom’s plate.

The next time you reach for your phone, reach out to a mom friend who’s overwhelmed. Whether you send something funny to get her mind off of the chaos or share some encouraging words, here are a few ideas of texts to send to help her through this time.

Encouraging Texts

  • I’m here for you no matter what.
  • No need to reply, but I just want to let you know that you’re a rockstar.
  • I’ve been where you’re at and I get it.
  • You’ll get through this, I promise.
  • I left some flowers on your porch. I hope they brighten your day!
  • I promise it gets better.
  • They won’t be in diapers forever — you can do this!
  • This is such a frustrating time. I totally get why you feel overwhelmed.
  • I’m so proud to be your friend.
  • Things are hard right now, but you always get through the hard times.
  • I want you to know that you’re an incredible mom and I look up to you.
  • You’re so strong.
  • Your kids love you so much.
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Texts For When You Know They Need A Break

  • Just a quick text to remind you that it’s OK to take a break.
  • Need a breather? I can babysit!
  • I’m always here if you need to vent.
  • I dropped off some cookies at your door. Go sit outside and enjoy them (and the silence) for a few minutes.
  • Want to get together and let the kids run around at the park later? You can even take a walk or sit in the car by yourself and I’ll keep an eye on them all.
  • I’m coming by at 3 to take the baby on a walk so you can shower.

Texts To Offer Help

  • I know things are stressful right now and I want to help. Just say the word and I’ll be there.
  • What can I do to help you?
  • Please let me know what I can do for you today.
  • I’m at the grocery store right now. What can I pick up for you?
  • Let me know if you need help finding a therapist. It really helps me to have someone to talk to when I’m overwhelmed.
  • You’ve got so much on your plate. What can I take off of it for you?
  • Dinner is on me tonight — Door Dash will be there at 6.

Funny Texts For Overwhelmed Moms

  • Just FYI: Your walk-in closet makes a great hideout.
  • Breathe. Just breathe. [Insert Grey’s Anatomy gif]
  • Don’t pull your hair out, please. It’s so pretty.
  • If that ketchup stain won’t come out of the couch, just embrace your new aesthetic.
  • Here’s a bunch of pics of cute animals that won’t wreck your house.
  • If you wanna change our identities and move to Mexico, I’m down.
  • Don’t worry, yoga pants and spit-up stains are totally in fashion right now.
  • These moments are supposed to fly by, but sometimes it feels like the plane broke down.
  • I grabbed you some necessities — more diapers and a bottle of wine.