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13 Thanksgiving Craft Kits For The Whole Family

Don’t worry, there’s not a single “make your own Pilgrim hat” option here.

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I love crafting with my three girls and we have so many crafting supplies shoved into boxes and crates, but truly, nothing beats a craft kit — especially seasonal ones. You just can’t beat a kit that has everything you need inside, and if you’re hosting a bunch of people for Thanksgiving or just want a fun November craft to do with your kids, this list of Thanksgiving craft kits is the best.

There’s a wide variety in craft kits, which is one of the things I love most about them, and that’s no different with this Thanksgiving craft kits list. There are options for crafts you’ll actually keep and display, as well as crafts that are best for kids to just do so they stay busy and out of your way in the kitchen. Most of these craft kits can be done without much assistance on your part, too, but there are a couple that are best for older turkeys (like ones that involve a lot of paint or hand sewing).

But don’t sleep on these Thanksgiving craft kits if your kids aren’t super crafty. Adults can do a lot of these, too, and I actually think a fun Thanksgiving Day family activity would be for everyone to work on the craft kits together or have a little contest as grandparents and aunts and uncles try to mold the best looking turkey out of clay. The whole point of these Thanksgiving craft kits is to have fun, right? So why not give your great-grandma a set of googly eyes and tell her to go for it?


Thankful Turkey Craft

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the overwhelming feeling of gratitude and thankfulness, and this adorable I am Thankful For Turkey craft kit from Paper Source is a must. Build out the little turkey, but on each of the leaves, write what you’re thankful for and then display them throughout November or specifically on Thanksgiving Day.


Build A Turkey Out Of Play Dough

I love a good play dough set, and this adorable turkey play dough jar from That Dough Tho on Etsy fits the bill. It comes with everything you need to sculpt and decorate a Thanksgiving turkey, and the best part is that you can reuse everything after if you’d like. I can see this as a great kid table craft, and maybe you can even hold a little competition for silliest turkey, best dressed turkey, etc.


3D Thankful Turkey Kit

OK, here’s another thankful turkey, but this is the Creatology Turkey 3D Craft Kit, so it’s a ltitle fancier and more advanced. Little kids can definitely paint one, but this looks like a fun craft for slightly older kids who know how to handle paint and can put the turkey together without assistance. The feathers become places to write what you’re thankful for, and I think this is a great one that you can pull out year after year. (“Remember the year Timmy said he was thankful for farts?”)


A Sweet Weaving Thanksgiving Craft

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving or going to a loved one’s house, this fall weaving placemat craft kit is a great Thanksgiving craft to have on hand. You can either do these with your kiddos and gift them to the host for setting the Thanksgiving Day table, or you and your kids can do them together as you prep for having people over. This kit comes with 12 placemats to make, which means lots of people can get in on the action, and it’s a nice quiet activity that will keep them occupied and entertained. Plus doesn’t this feel like such a rustic, old-fashioned craft and perfect for Turkey Day?


I’m obsessed with this turkey coaster craft kit. So easy, so cute, and it’s a practical little craft that you can use on Thanksgiving Day. Even little ones can put this together with some assistance.


Thankful Pumpkin Craft

Want to do an “I’m Thankful” craft, but tired of turkeys? Enter the thankful pumpkins craft kit. These are the cutest little pumpkins, and is another craft that would be pretty if you had a whole bunch of them lined up as a centerpiece.


Paint-Your-Own Turkey Craft

It doesn’t get much easier than a ceramic turkey you paint, right? I’m obsessed with this Color Your Way ceramic turkey kit and think a whole little slew of painted turkeys on the Thanksgiving table would be just adorable every year.


A Thanksgiving Decor Craft

Want a Thanksgiving craft that can last from year to year? Then try out this turkey banner craft kit from Unplanned Whimsy on Etsy. It’s so sweet and comes with everything you need to make a happy little Thanksgiving banner. It’s the perfect kind of decor for Turkey Day, and can be created with even the littlest ones in the family.


A Gratitude Wreath

Another sweet thankful-themed Thanksgiving craft is this adorable felt turkey gratitude wreath from Mud Pie. This would be such a fun one to do during Thanksgiving dinner with all of your extended family and friends, but would be a great one to do throughout November as your family adds on each day what they’re feeling thankful for.


A STEAM Thanksgiving Craft

Nobody loves helping set the table as much as your kids, and you can turn the chore into even more of an activity with this Thanksgiving Table Turkey craft from KiwiCo. It comes with everything your kids (or you!) need to make six of the sweetest little place card holders, and the kit uses a bunch of different materials including clay, pom-poms, and adhesives. Be sure to order by Friday, Nov. 11 for a guaranteed delivery before Thanksgiving.


A Crafty Turkey For The Oven

ADo you remember the delight of making these as a kid? Melting the tiny little beads into the right sections to make a glorious suncatcher? Well, make room in the oven during Thanksgiving for this sweet little craft and bake turkey creation. Each pack only makes one, and it’s definitely an option best for older kiddos, but it’s a great Turkey Day activity.


The Cutest Little Flower Pot Turkey

An absolute classic: the turkey flower pot craft kit. This is a craft that will last for years, and can look so adorable as a centerpiece or decorations on your front porch. This particular kit comes with all the supplies to make 12 as well, so it’s a great group project.


For The Crafter Who Loves To Sew

For older kiddos or adults who’d like to sew a few little Thanksgiving items, there is this super sweet Thanksgiving sewing craft kit. Inside are 16 different Thanksgiving and fall-themed shapes, from a pickup truck with a pumpkin to a turkey to leaves. These just require a little hand-sewing, and you can have a whole bunch ready to decorate a Thanksgiving tablescape, give to kids to keep them happy until the rolls are done, or to just play with after dinner.

No matter which Thanksgiving craft kit you choose for your family, just remember: you don’t have to keep it. Happy Turkey Day.