The Best Baby-Friendly Cleaning & Organization Products You Can Get At Walmart

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As a mom of two who’s fresh off the heels of visiting a friend’s 6-month-old baby boy, I’m suddenly flooded with memories of the iconic messes that babies are capable of making. Between the ones they create unintentionally (diaper blowout, anyone?) to the spills, sticky fingerprints, and relentless pursuit of gnawing at anything in their path, there’s an unparalleled need for parents to keep the best baby-safe cleaning and organization products at the ready. But first, a quick explainer on what I mean when I say “baby-safe.”

Though the term is common, especially in Facebook parenting groups and daily conversation, the truth is that you’re not going to find products explicitly labeled as “baby-safe.” (And for good reason, as it’s generally not a great idea to assume that any product is 100% safe to use around any and all babies.)

Instead, look for cleaners that are indicated as non-toxic or are Safer Choice-Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, which means that the product contains ingredients that the EPA recognizes as “safer for human health and the environment.” They even have a whole list of safer chemical ingredients that’s worth bookmarking and reviewing as you shop for the best cleaning products for your family. When used according to the label’s directions, these products could be considered safe to use for their intended purpose.

To help you restock your personal supply of household essentials, I scoured Walmart’s website to track down baby-friendly cleaning and organization products. Consider this list part baby-proofing essentials, part spring cleaning must-haves, and all busy-parent-of-two approved.

Child-Proof Sliding Safety Latches

First, let’s talk safe storage. Especially for any product with a label that advises you to keep it out of the reach of children, it’s all the more important to manage your kid’s access. Use these affordable cabinet locks to store these products out of reach. The smart design slides open and locks closed to protect knobs and handles in kitchens, bathrooms, and any other storage space that you want to keep off-limits.

Tough-But-Gentle Clean-Anywhere Wipes

Why wipe your home’s surfaces with harsh and harmful chemicals when you know those little hands and feet will be all over them in no time flat? This top-rated eco-friendly option is made with 97% plant-based cleansers, and it packs a serious cleaning punch without alcohol, parabens, or bleach.

A Naturally Scented Floor Cleaner

Let’s face it — whether they’re rolling, crawling, or teeter—tottering around, babies spend a whole lotta time on the ground. This plant-derived, paraben and phthalate-free multi-surface cleaner is a solid go-to for floors, tiles, and even walls. Why? It’s top-rated, tough on dirt, gentle on the whole family, and smells like a honeysuckle dream.

An Automatic Air Purifier For Any Room

Sure, you regularly clean your surfaces, but your air? That one might feel less obvious. Keeping pollen, dust, pet dander, bacteria, and even mold out of the air is part of keeping your little ones as safe, and this portable, automatic air purifier with HEPASilent filtration safeguards the air quality in your home’s medium-sized rooms. Aside from being ultra-quiet and energy efficient, one touch of the auto mode button activates a particle sensor that removes 99.97% of airborne particles like pollen, dust, and viruses.

A BPA-Free, Spill-Proof Snack Container

A great way to keep kids from consuming dust bunnies and other NSFC (not suitable for consumption) items in their path is to stock this simple-to-use snack container with their favorites and keep it within reach. This one is completely free of harmful BPAs, safe for sticking hungry little hands into, and is as lightweight and durable as they come. Bonus points for being easy to clean and keeping food spills to a minimum.

A Better Design For Trendy Floating Shelves

For those non-cabinet items you can’t trust on countertops, this heavy-duty organization hack is a family favorite for keeping little ones safe. These floating wooden shelves can be used to organize the kitchen, bathroom, and beyond, complete with protective guards to keep your items from tumbling over the edge. Better still, they’ve got glowing reviews, are made of non-toxic materials, and designed to block moisture and mildew.

Non-Toxic & Biodegradable All-Purpose Cleaner

This chemical-free and biodegradable surface cleaner removes and deodorizes dirt, grease, ink, pet stains, and other hard-to-remove spills and spots. From carpets to couches and everything in between, it’s safe to use on every surface you can think of. Its near-perfect customer rating comes from its versatility and non-hazardous nature, making this eco-friendly cleaner a great go-to.

The Baby Wash & Shampoo That’s Safe & Sustainable

The hundreds and hundreds of glowing reviews for this product aren’t wrong! This SheaMoisture Raw Shea, Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Wash & Shampoo is my go-to because it’s got none of the junk (like parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or sulfates) and has all of the good stuff (like chamomile, argan oil, and Fair Trade shea butter). It’s designed with sensitive baby skin and hair in mind, and in support of a more sustainable world.

Handwoven Baskets For Storing Baby’s Stuff

Stylish and safe storage is always something I can get behind as a mom, especially when it’s made of 100% cotton — by hand — and free of any chemicals. This one comes in a range of colors to match any decor, and it’s just right for toys, diapers, onesies, and beyond. Free of sharp edges, it poses no danger to curious little hands, and holds its shape as your storage needs change.

Hypoallergenic, Free And Clear Laundry Detergent

Another must-have for ensuring your baby’s skin stays soft and irritation-free is choosing a highly rated detergent that fights tough stains without artificial fragrances, harmful dyes, and artificial brighteners. In addition to being dermatologist-tested to be gentle on sensitive skin, this plant-based option works wonders on keeping clothes soft and fresh. And as extra proof this will work against your baby’s worst, this detergent has been named an EPA Safer-Choice Certified Product designed with safety in mind.

Can’t-Live-Without Baby Wipes

I’ve introduced you to the very best surface wipes and baby wash, but what about baby wipes? These Parent’s Choice baby wipes are the perfect mix of tough but gentle, made up of 99% water and plant-based ingredients. This popular hypoallergenic option is safe for everything from baby’s hands, face, and everything in between, and they come in a stay-fresh container that locks in moisture. Keep some at home and take ‘em on the go, knowing full well that messes strike any and everywhere.

The Most Handy, Heavy-Duty Hamper

If the amount of laundry your tiny human creates never ceases to amaze you, you’re not alone! Make this handwoven, extra-large, and extra-sturdy hamper your choice for storing and carrying your laundry time and again. It’s stylishly made of eco-friendly materials including durable natural water hyacinth and comes equipped with compartments to for easier sorting and less hassle. Anything that makes laundry time easier is approved in my book, and I have a feeling you’ll agree.