The New Home Edit Collection At Walmart Is Absolutely Everything

Organization lovers, rejoice!

Whether you fell in love with The Home Edit thanks to their ROYGBIV-themed Instagram account or their Netflix series, there’s a chance you’ve looked into buying yourself a few clear plastic organizers for some unkempt area of your house. And, if you’re like many people, you probably didn’t add to cart because geez, those little bins can be expensive.

In an effort to make IG-worthy organization more affordable, The Home Edit co-founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are releasing an exclusive line of products with Walmart. Everything in their collection costs between $9.98 and $24.98, so you won’t go broke trying to get your things in order.

This launch includes four “edits,” or starter packs of organizers, designed for the pantry, laundry room, bathroom, or a multipurpose area. There’s also an ornament organizer, riser, turntable, and The Home Edit’s signature tool: stackable bins in different sizes. The products are all available online now, and some are even sold out, so don’t wait if you’re interested.

Now, take a look at what The Home Edit’s collection with Walmart has to offer. While you’re at it, go ahead and cross your fingers their collaboration expands to fill up most of an entire aisle a la The Pioneer Woman’s collab with the retailer.

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The Perfect Pantry Starter Pack

If turning into a parent has taken you from, “What up, party people?” to, “We’re big pantry people,” you’re not alone. For some of us, having a well-organized pantry is the difference between the day going smoothly or being a train wreck. Because, well, once you have a little mouth or two to feed, you need to know where everything is before they turn into hangry beasts. This pantry-proofing set comes with two large bins, two large bin inserts (which can be used inside the big bins to sort categories or on their own), and a three-tier riser for bottles or cans.


Just What Your Laundry Room Needs

Whether you have an HGTV-worthy laundry room or a closet that barely contains the washing machine, these products can help organize your laundry supplies without needing much space. The Laundry Edit includes two stacking bins, two narrow bins, and a spinning turntable ideal for stain remover and fabric softener bottles. You can purchase all of these items separately or add onto your Laundry Edit with some of the other items in The Home Edit’s collection, whatever you need to make your laundry space a little more zen. I mean, anything we can do to make the worst chore a little better, right?


Your Bathroom’s New Saving Grace

These insert bins will work in just about any room with a lot of drawers (and a lot of junk inside them that slides around with each open and close). And, well, the bathroom is certainly one of those places. The Bathroom Edit comes with three large insert bins, four medium insert bins, and three small insert bins. Nest the bins inside each other or puzzle them together in the perfect formation for you. All of these products are BPA-free plastic, so have no fear. If any of your toothpaste, lotion, or whatever else spills inside, they’re super easy to clean.


A Kit For Any Organizational Need

Craft closets. Playroom shelves. All of your accessories. No matter what it is in your home that needs some organizing, this kit is up for the task. The Multipurpose Edit includes two large bins, two large insert bins, two medium insert bins, and two small insert bins. There are endless ways to combine these products, whether you use each one to corral a specific kind of item or you use the inserts to subdivide the larger bins. The only way to make them better is if you can somehow get the items inside to stay in rainbow order. Joanna and Clea would approve.


The Best Product For Pantry Corners And Underneath Sinks

If you have shelves with corners, you need a turntable for... every single one. They allow you to fully utilize that corner shelf real estate and still access the items without toppling over everything around them. They’re also amazing to use under the kitchen sink to round up all those cleaning products, or to corral hair and body products in the bathroom. If you’ve ever shopped for turntables before, you know they can be pricey because, often, they’re used as decorative accents too. But if you don’t need a turntable that looks like gold-veined marble to go under your kitchen sink, this one has you covered.


A Shelf So You Can See Everything

Risers like this one are amazing for all those spice containers that tip over when you try to finagle one salt shaker from the back of the cabinet. Or for all those canned goods you forget you have and then buy more of simply because they were hidden. Not today, says The Home Edit! And not tomorrow either. This product helps you see exactly how many items you have, and lets you reach the one you need without having to move everything else. A riser seems like a simple product, but sometimes the simplest things can be the best at simplifying your life, ya know?


For Bins Within Bins

Whether you use them as drawer organizers or countertop trays, these insert bins are amazing organizers all on their own. But what they’re designed for is to create subsections within larger bins. They’re perfect for sorting items within a collection, but still keeping all the pieces and parts grouped together in one main container. And, as with all of The Home Edits products, the clear construction means you never forget what you’ve stored where, or what items you have on hand. Which, if you’ve ever stored things in a not-see-through bin, you know can result in a lot of rebuying things you already had.