Dining table covered with orange tablecloth standing on wooden terrace in green garden

The Best Patio Finds From Walmart For Summer

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As most moms can agree, there’s something freeing about days where you collectively spend more time outdoors than in. Whether they’re packed with plans or blissfully wide open and completely your own, everyone benefits from the sunshine, fresh air, and togetherness that only sweet summertime brings. And as school winds down and summer ramps up, it’s the perfect time to kiss cabin fever goodbye, reevaluate your summer patio game, and make sure it’s strong for the time of year so many of us look forward to most.

After all, the patio, porch, and backyard are gathering spots the whole family (and friend group, and possibly neighborhood) enjoys. You’ll want to have everything you need for impromptu grilling, games, and get-togethers of all sizes. So why not make your patio space more inviting than ever in prep for the best summer yet? Luckily, we’re doing the same, and are here to introduce you to the best patio finds for your ultimate outdoor hangout, all from Read on for some essentials from Walmart to make the most of your patio space all summer long.

1. A Cozy, Covered “Seat Yourself” Kids’ Table

In need of a comfortable, outdoor spot for your littles to sit and snack, dine, or straight up relax? This option’s your best bet for blending with your official patio aesthetic while keeping them sheltered from the sun, if only temporarily. Plus, they’ll love that “just for us” vibe a classic, kid-sized table brings.

2. An Illuminated Pool (Minus the Construction and Costs)

If you weren’t chillin’ poolside before, you can be quickly, easily, and affordably now with this super fun, battery-operated option. Take a dip during the day, or after dark to enjoy a bonus, color-changing light show. This baby comes equipped with a four-hour timer so there’s no need to worry about powering it down for the night. A guaranteed hit!

3. A Built-In Chair/Table Combo for Unexpected Guests

One of the best parts of summer is impromptu gatherings at any given time. There’s no need to worry about seating or table space with this two-in-one option designed for comfort and convenience. Sit back knowing you’re prepared to accommodate what or whoever the day ahead brings!

4. Backyard Games That Bring The Life-Size Fun

Yard games are a summer must, but there are options for your whole crew outside of bocce and the beanbag toss. Exhibit A: This jumbo version of a tabletop favorite that will bring out everyone’s competitive spirit. Join in or watch from your favorite corner of your patio space as your fam happily enjoys. Game on!

5. A Handy Folding Wine Table for Four

From BBQing to lounging, there’s no wrong time for an extra hand...or, you know, holder for your wine bottle and glasses. This portable option goes wherever you need it most, before easily folding up to be tucked away for next time. The handles make toting it that much easier, so the only thing left to decide is red or white.

6. Simple and Guaranteed Outdoor Entertainment

Home theater? Check. Any flat surface will do for this projector, turning any night into an HD movie night. Built-in speakers are an added bonus, making this an easy and unforgettable summer night option for everyone to enjoy.

7. Some Solar-Powered Safety Lights

Patios are mostly fun and games, but don’t forget to incorporate important (and weather-proof) safety measures to keep you and your littles covered all summer long. Plant these lights around your patio to light everyone’s way, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve got a well-lit and safer outdoor space in no time flat.

8. A Bird Bath Worth Watching

No fuss, no muss — just instant bird-watching in your own backyard. This great patio add-on is top-rated for scoping birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. Bonus points for doubling as a fish tank or that small pond you’ve always wanted out there.

9. A Stylish, Store-Out-of-Sight Bench

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got stuff — plenty of which you’d prefer was stored out of sight (am I right?). Consider this your catch-all for everything you need outside, and everything you need tucked away and protected from the elements. From cushions to toys and pool floats, this is some serious must-have summer storage — with extra seating to boot.

10. A Rug That Can Withstand the Elements (and Your Crew)

Brighten and protect your patio space with a rug that complements your personal style and can stand up to whatever summer has to bring. This boho-chic option can be vacuumed, wiped, or rinsed while still lending an elegant flair to your favorite outdoor space. Multi-purpose is the name of this game, and without sacrificing style.

11. A Full-Coverage Umbrella When and Where It’s Needed

As if an outdoor umbrella you could tilt anywhere you needed it wasn’t enticing enough for summer family living, this one’s lined with two dozen lights for ambiance and functionality during every outdoor evening. A top-rated choice, this umbrella is easily adjusted and can withstand everything the season throws its way. A definite must.

12. The Ultimate Summer Lounge Swing

Is it a hammock? Is it a chaise lounge? Both, actually, and it’s really, really comfortable. You’ll be made in the shade with this covered, curved chair swing, so kick your feet up and relish in a suspending and weightless summer seating experience.