This One Video Perfectly Embodies Everything That's Lame And Annoying About 2-Year-Old Kids — VIDEO

Fellow adults, I've got some months to go before my kid turns two, and by the looks of it, I'm going to need each and every day to prepare. I've heard about the Terrible Twos™, but to be honest, I haven't given them much thought beyond, "Oh, my future self will worry about that." (I'm such an expert ~planner~.) But after viewing this video of an adorable yet somewhat confused little kid having a meltdown (at least a tiny one), I'm re-thinking that plan. It's now clear to me that perhaps I should start now working on my ability to stay patient, stay in the moment, and always have my phone charged and ready for filming. Oh, and that I should never shy away from pink clothes for boys because this little bro is bringing it. 

It's not a long clip, which is extra nice since those of us who can relate to it the most — the keepers of terrifying toddlers — tend to have not-so-many minutes in between when we have to keep our kids from doing one insane thing and the next. So it's good that this video is short because you'll want to watch the whole thing it's entirety (especially the perfect moment of commentary provided by our unseen fatherly narrator at the very end). Plus, it's a great reminder that we're not alone when it comes to parenting challenges (and I say this is someone with two-thirds of my family members home sick today). 

Also, that's a very tall 2 year old, right? That's not just me? I came so close to shaming this dad for labeling this video with "toddler" (I was all, "Pssh, that little dude is 5 years old if he's a day, sir. He needs to pull himself together.") until he actually mentions that he's two! See, you can never learn the whole "don't judge a parent because there's probably a lot about their situation that you don't know" lesson too many times.

Anyway, hang in there, Dad. You've got this. 

And for those who need  some more proof that you're not alone in weathering the maddening parts of this kid game, here are a few more videos that show us just how tough (and admittedly pretty damn cute) it can be. 


This one has it all: jammies, jammies, and... jammies. 

An Important Question

If only there was a way to know for sure if he was telling the truth or not.

Heavy Indeed

I almost believed her. 

Image: Amanda Tipton/Flickr