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TikTok Trend Of Adult Grandkids Surprising Grandparents With Sleepovers Is A Tearjerker

Grab the tissues.

Everyone is guilty of it: we don’t call our grandparents as much as we should, and visiting them, well, even less so. Chances are you remember the joys of staying the night at their house when you were little — maybe staying up a little late and having a big, homemade breakfast in the morning — and you know your grandma and grandpa treasure those memories. Now, adult grandchildren are taking it upon themselves, in a new viral TikTok trend, to surprise their grandparents with a sleepover, and wow are we so happy for all of these grandparents.

It’s not totally clear who started the trend or why, but around Christmas time, videos began popping up all over TikTok of adult grandkids filing into their grandparents houses, pillows and air mattresses in tow, to surprise them with a holiday slumber party. One video from user Tori Hahlen (@hah_tor) has 8.4 million likes and nearly 524,000 saves, and is one of the most viral examples of the idea. In it, she and her six grown-up cousins walk into their grandparents house with brownies, presents, blankets, pillows, and what looks to be a bottle of Jameson. When they inform Grandma they’re staying the night and ordering pizza, she says, “This is the best Christmas present ever,” and breaks down in tears.

In another video by TikTok user Jess Armstrong (@jessarmstrong19), so many grandkids walk through her Mimi and Papa’s front door that it’s hard to count just how many there are at first. Alongside the eight grown-up grandkids, it looks like one great-grandchild even made an appearance.

Armstrong told Good Morning America that her Papa has had some health concerns in the last year, so her cousins traveled from states away to her grandparents’ Michigan home to surprise them on Dec. 22. Good luck not tearing up at her grandfather’s reaction.

“All night long, if the room got silent for a minute, he would tear up and he would just say, ‘I just can’t believe you guys did this. This is so exciting. This is the best present I could have ever asked for and I want you all to know I love each and every one of you so much,’” Armstrong told GMA. She says her family plans to make the adult sleepover an annual tradition.

If you feel like crying more happy tears and seeing more Nonnas, Poppies, Grannies, and Opas having their entire lives totally made, just search “grandparent sleepovers” on TikTok. In a crazy world with bad news around every corner, seeing so many families take this opportunity to love on their grandparents is a balm for the soul.