These Turkey Bowl Instagram captions are perfect for celebrating food and football.

25 Turkey Bowl Instagram Captions To Celebrate Food & Football

There’s just something about a Thanksgiving game.

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Maybe you play an annual Thanksgiving flag football game with your family, your friends, or neighbors. It could be a kids-only face-off before or after a Thanksgiving movie marathon. Or perhaps for you it’s all about kicking back and watching the Cowboys score some touchdowns after a big meal. No matter how you do Thanksgiving football, you’ll probably need a Turkey Bowl Instagram caption to share your celebrations on social media.

Fall and football are an iconic duo, and the pair is at their finest on Thanksgiving Day. The weather is crisp, the food is delish, and the family is gathered. Both the holiday and the sport are steeped in traditions. It just makes sense that Turkey Bowl games get organized for kids and adults alike, whether it’s your family’s annual flag football showdown, a church league, or you and all your best friends.

No matter who shows up to the park to play this year, be there ready to cheer or play, and then head home for the best meal of the year.

Turkey Bowl Instagram captions for selfies

Lookin’ cute on the sidelines? Or maybe you’re still home cooking dinner while the kids play their annual Turkey Bowl game at the park. In any case, snap a pic to share with friends and family on Instagram.

  • Cheering on these turkeys today!
  • Touchdowns, tailgates, and turkey
  • Football just isn’t the same without food. (Post this with your selfie shot of you and your plate on the sidelines.)
  • Do I look like I play flag football?
  • You’re lucky I’m busy cooking, or I’d be out there scoring touchdowns.

Turkey Bowl Instagram captions for those watching the game

Whether you’re watching your neighborhood’s finest athletes square off at the local park, or kicked back with the fam watching an NFL game, Thanksgiving and football just kind of go together. So, capture the moment, then caption the moment.

  • Keep your eyes on the pies, team!
  • Family, turkey, and football — oh my!
  • It was a real cluster pluck out there today.
  • This pairs well with pumpkin pie.
  • Whatever you do, don’t tackle Grandpa.
  • I’m tackling this game one snack at a time.

Turkey Bowl Instagram captions for photos with the team

Huddle up all the players for a team pic (preferably before everyone is covered in grass stains). It could become part of the tradition to take the same photo year after year.

  • Out here working up an appetite.
  • Thankful for friends who take football as seriously as I do.
  • We smell fear. And pies baking. But mostly fear.
  • Having a (butter)ball with my best friends.
  • Here for football and friends (but mostly food).
  • These turkeys are on my team year-round, but today especially.

Turkey Bowl Instagram captions for pics with the winners

It took blood, sweat, tears, and more sweat, but your team got the W. When you post a pic of the winning side (whether you’re part of it or their No. 1 fan), make sure the world knows that these are the champions.

  • We went #feastmode on the field.
  • We knocked the stuffing out of the other team.
  • It was a bad day to be the other guys.
  • Gourd times were had by all.
  • Should we serve the gravy in this trophy?
  • First we played like champs, and now we’ll eat like champs.
  • Today’s forecast: 100% chance of winning.
  • "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." — Coach Taylor, Friday Night Lights

While you’re enjoying this year’s Turkey Bowl — whatever that tradition looks like with your loved ones — be sure to snap (and share) a few special photos.

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