Gobble Gobble!

A turkey mascot leads runners in an annual turkey trot race, where people may want to post turkey tr...
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42 Turkey Trot Instagram Captions

For runners, walkers, and watchers alike.

There are really only two reasons to wake up early on Thanksgiving Day: to baste your bird or run in a turkey trot. The people who do both are absolutely top-tier in my book, but by most standards, running any sort of race is a big accomplishment. Whether you’re a loud and proud participant or a wine-sipping spectator, these Turkey Trot Instagram captions are the perfect way to celebrate the event.

Perhaps the only way to convince someone like me to attend a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving race on a bitter cold November morning (let alone run in one) is the promise of pumpkin pie and people dressed head-to-toe in turkey costumes while they run. Plus, what better way is there than a turkey trot to get your steps in prior to your Thanksgiving feast? These Instagram captions for Turkey Trots capture all of the fun and festivities that this seasonal race has to offer.

Turkey Trot Instagram captions for photos of selfies before the run

  • Hip, hip, hooray, it’s Turkey Trot day!
  • Here to give this bird a run for its money.
  • Gobble, gobble, run, and wobble.
  • Ready to run!
  • Do it for the turkeys.
  • We’re off to trot!
  • The family that trots together, stays together.
  • Run hard, give thanks.
  • We’ve got all the right stuff-ing.
  • Bread-y or not, here we crumb!

Turkey Trot Instagram captions to post during the run

  • Eat, sleep, trot.
  • Keep calm & trot on.
  • Strutting our stuffing.
  • Run now, gobble later.
  • So thankful for my stretchy pants.
  • Making room for seconds.
  • We’re dashing for drumsticks.
  • You want a piece of us? We want a piece of pie.
  • Trottin’ our hearts out.
  • Turkey Trot it like it’s hot.
  • You ain’t seen stuffin’ yet.
Helen H. Richardson/Denver Post/Getty Images

Turkey Trot Instagram captions for cheering on the participants

  • Run, turkeys, run!
  • You guys do the Turkey Trot, I’ll do the beer run.
  • Watching these turkeys shake their tail feathers!
  • Gobble til you wobble.
  • I’m just here for the pie.
  • Fitness? More like fitness whole turkey in my mouth.
  • Baking is my cardio.

Turkey Trot Instagram captions for the finish line

  • Best leg day ever.
  • Pour some gravy on me, I’m done!
  • Ain’t nothing like huffing and puffing for turkey stuffing.
  • Pie am so grateful to be done.
  • Casse-rolling up to the finish line.
  • Pie is great, but nothing is quite as sweet as crossing the Turkey Trot finish line.
  • We gave ‘em pumpkin to talk about.

Turkey Trot Instagram captions for after the run

  • I came. I saw. I ran. Now I eat.
  • That race was gravy.
  • Feast mode: Activated.
  • Initiate food coma.
  • Trot hard. Eat harder.
  • Time to get basted.
  • Oh my gourd, I’m glad that’s over!

Once the race is run and you’ve posted your pics with a Turkey Trot Instagram caption, it’s finally time to put on your stretchy pants and eat. Gobble, gobble!