17 Adorable Halloween Costumes Based Off Your Girl’s Fav TV Show

Let characters like Peppa Pig and Skye from Paw Patrol inspire your girl this year.

If your kids are anything like mine, they’ve watched way more TV in the last year and a half than you would have ever imagined possible. My kids have marathon-watched their favorite shows more times than I ever want to admit. (Survival mode, right?) Luckily, it’s all going to pay off come October 31 because there is an abundance of adorable TV character Halloween costumes for girls to choose from.

The moment when you realize that your toddler has watched so much Bluey or Peppa Pig that they’ve developed an accent or picked up an entirely new vocabulary can feel a bit jarring at first. But when you think of their new inflection as a necessary accessory to their Halloween costume, it’s not so bad. Just put your Peppa-loving girl in a ruffled red frock and it all makes sense. Plus, the way they now say jumper instead of sweater is actually really precious.

From Paw Patrol to Fancy Nancy, The Mandalorian, My Little Pony, and more — whatever TV show your kiddo is into these days, there’s a Halloween costume out there just for them. Read on to see some of the best TV character costumes available for girls this year.

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Peppa Pig Halloween Costume Dress

So many of the Peppa Pig costume choices out there just look like giant, red potato sacks to me. Sure, they get the job done, but they’re not nearly as adorable as this Peppa Pig costume dress from Target.

This officially licensed costume features a soft, one-piece dress with a tulle skirt and sparkly flutter sleeves. The skirt is adorned with a pink satin ribbon detailing, vinyl Peppa decal, and detachable piggy tail on the back. The whole look is topped off with a soft Peppa-shaped headpiece that is as easy to wear as any other hat. If it’s cool on Halloween night, you can pair this costume with white tights or a sweater.


Bluey Halloween Costume For Girls

Whether your girl wants to dress up like Bluey or Bingo this Halloween, these character masks from the ridiculously popular TV series Bluey are perfect for a DIY costume. You can pair the blue felt mask with a solid blue dress or jumpsuit and then add a patch of lighter fabric to resemble Bluey’s belly for a homemade Halloween costume that’s simple and cute. For siblings, the pairing of Bluey and Bingo could be an adorable trick-or-treating duo.

Each felt mask is made from two layers of eco felt that is cut by hand and machine stitched. The child’s size masks measure approximately 7 inches by 5 inches and come with an 11-inch elastic band attached. The same masks are also available in an adult size that measures 10 inches by 6 inches, so the whole family can actually dress like these lovable Aussie pups.


Girls Butterbean Halloween Costume

Your little one can dress just like the adorable fairy chef named Butterbean from the show Butterbean’s Cafe with this officially licensed costume from Rubie’s, available to purchase on Amazon. The set includes a white long-sleeved, pull-on costume dress with blue jellybean detailing, pink piping, and a yellow ruffle at the bottom, with matching pink and blue leggings. The costume also comes with detachable sugar cookie fairy wings and a matching pink hair clip. Your girl could carry around a whisk or a big spoon and a giant mixing bowl to collect candy in to really put this costume over the top.


My Little Pony Halloween Costume For Girls

This one-piece Rainbow Dash costume is a fantastic choice for fans of My Little Pony. The sky blue jumpsuit has head to toe sparkles with a rainbow and heart appliqué on the top and rainbow stripes with a cloud detail that runs from the top of one hip to the ankle of the opposite pant leg. The costume even has a detachable rainbow tail made from multicolored strips of tulle fabric and detachable cloud-shaped wings so that your girl can look just like her favorite pony flying through the sky. Top this look off with the included matching headband that boasts a pair of pony ears and Rainbow Dash’s signature rainbow bangs.


Miss Piggy Girls Halloween Costume

For little ones who just can’t get enough Muppet Babies, this Missy Piggy Halloween costume for toddler girls is a precious choice. The costume’s dress is designed to look like the one Miss Piggy wears on the show, complete with a light pink collar and star detailing at the bottom. The officially licensed costume also features a headpiece that is designed to look just like Miss Piggy, complete with a giant, shimmery pink bow on top. Some toddlers might be reluctant to don a full headpiece on Halloween, but this one is made from soft fabric, leaves the whole face unobscured, and attaches securely under the chin with hook and loop fasteners, so your tot might just keep it on during your trick-or-treat stroll. (At least for the first few houses.)


Vampirina Halloween Costume For Girls

One of my personal favorite Disney Junior shows is Vampirina. My two elementary school-aged boys loved it when they were younger and still stream episodes on Disney+ now and then — it’s just a really fun show for kids. If your girl also loves this adorable little vampire, it makes sense that she would want to embody Vee’s lively spirit this Halloween season in a Vampirina costume. The one-piece costume dress features a black frock with glittery spiderweb detailing and pink puffy sleeves designed to look just like the title character’s everyday attire. It comes with a pair of matching gloves and a headpiece featuring Vampirina’s signature bat-shaped pigtails.


SpongeBob Squarepants Halloween Costume For Girls

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Your girl will certainly feel like she does when she wears this inflatable SpongeBob Squarepants Halloween costume. There is no doubt that this costume has been a mainstay of Halloween attire for many years now, but even the youngest fans want to get in on all of the absorbent, yellow, and porous action. Ideal for girls who aren’t claustrophobic, this one-piece costume stays inflated thanks to an included battery pack. Just add four AA batteries, slip on the included pair of gloves, and your kid is ready to snag all the candy in Bikini Bottom this Halloween.


Baby Yoda Halloween Costume For Girls

Girls who love Star Wars can embody The Child from The Mandalorian this Halloween with an adorable DIY Grogu costume that includes a crochet Yoda hat. If you’ve tried to find a Baby Yoda Halloween costume this year, you know how hard it is to get your hands on the right size — anywhere that has them has sold out of all things Grogu-related for kids lightning fast. But you can go the homemade costume route with a tan frock (honestly, I would even use an old sheet), giant brown mug, and this green crochet hat with Grogu’s floppy ears right on top.


Powerpuff Girls Halloween Costume

I honestly didn’t realize how popular Powerpuff Girls still is until recently when my teenage stepdaughter excitedly told me that there’s going to be a live-action reboot made soon. I absolutely loved the kick-butt trio as a kid, so it makes my heart happy to know that a whole new generation of girls also gets to experience their awesomeness. If your girl is a fan of the cartoons, this Buttercup costume may be exactly what she’s looking for this Halloween. The officially licensed costume features Buttercup’s classic green dress, made from shimmery material with a full tulle skirt, cinched at the waist with a wide black belt. It also includes glasses and a green hair clip to complete your child’s Buttercup transformation.


Mira, Royal Detective Girls Halloween Costume

Fans of the Disney Junior mystery show will absolutely love this Mira, Royal Detective Halloween costume for girls. The costume features a blue waistcoat-style top with yellow and gold detailing just like Mira wears on the show. The top fastens with a hook and loop closure in back and is paired with flowy, pink pull-on pants with yellow and metallic gold embellishment details on the cuffs around the ankles. The best part of this pretty costume is that it comes with a fancy, faux gold magnifying glass prop that your girl can use to fulfill her royal detective duties this Halloween.


Ladybug Costume For Girls

If your girl is a fan of the superhero duo known for fighting mysterious villains on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, they might just jump at the chance to wear this Ladybug costume on Halloween. The costume’s one-piece jumpsuit is bright red with large black polka dots and features a pair of attached gloves and a black collar at the top, just like the show’s heroic character. Also included is a matching superhero mask and pigtail-adorned blue wig with red satin ribbons that will really get your kid into character when it’s time to go trick-or-treating (or fight the bad guys) this year.


Paw Patrol Halloween Costume For Girls

I seriously cannot get over how incredibly cute this Paw Patrol Halloween costume is. The two-piece Skye costume from Pottery Barn Kids includes a soft headpiece in the shape of Skye’s adorable pup face and a pink, white, and metallic silver airplane suit that fits over your child’s shoulders similar to how a backpack would. Though it doesn’t include undergarments, you can pair it with pretty much any white or pink top and bottoms that you already have at home to complete the look. With this costume, your girl can look just like Skye sitting in her airplane, buzzing around Adventure Bay, ready to swoop in whenever anyone yelps for help.


Fancy Nancy Girls Halloween Costume

If only the absolute fanciest costume around will do for your little one, this Fancy Nancy girls Halloween costume is probably right up her alley. The one-piece dress is designed to look just like the title character’s attire with a pink tulle skirt, yellow sequined top with ruffle sleeves, a shiny turquoise ribbon around the waist, and a screen printed pink bauble necklace with Fancy Nancy herself right in the middle. The costume comes complete with rainbow-striped leggings and a rainbow headband with a pink bow that has a turquoise butterfly right in the center. Only the fanciest for your girl this Halloween.


Girls Care Bears Halloween Costume

I fully support choosing a Halloween costume for your kids that fills your own soul with lots of nostalgic TV feels like this Care Bears Halloween costume for girls. From head to toe, your little one can be wrapped in pink, fuzzy Care Bear joy in this soft, hooded costume. Is there a happier costume choice out there than this Cheer Bear costume? Probably not. But if your kiddo happens to love another classic Care Bear with all of their heart, there are plenty of other options on HalloweenCostumes.com including Share Bear, Bed Time Bear, Funshine Bear, and yes, even Grumpy Bear.