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Valentine's Day crafting and activities
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6 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day Virtually With Your Little Loves

Virtual activities are still the safest way to socialize, and with Valentine's Day coming up, there are some festive screen ideas.

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Feb. 14 is just around the corner, and this year, the day of love will look a bit different. We all know the drill by now, of course. Virtual activities and Zoom calls are the best way to celebrate, and that's OK because safety first, people. If you are looking around for a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your little one, look no further than this roundup of kids' virtual Valentine's Day ideas for kids. From a sweet treat baking class to crafting or sending e-cards to friends and family, there are plenty of ways to spread a little love from your screen.

While I must admit my family and I have never made a big deal about Valentine's Day in the past, there's something about being locked down in a pandemic that makes me want to celebrate everything possible, down to National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (yes, that's actually a thing). So this year, I say bring on the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate candy, pink and red sprinkles, celebratory virtual activities, Valentine's Day card-making, and FaceTime calls to grandparents. Love is all we need, right? Well, that and our entire population vaccinated, please. And some virtual Valentine’s Day ideas for kids. From my screen to yours, Happy Valentine's Day, friends.


A Virtual Valentine’s PE Class

If you need a constructive way to channel the energy from all that Valentine’s Day chocolate, hit up YouTube for a Valentine’s Day-themed exercise class. This one, “Cupid on the Run,” will have your kid jumping up to catch pretend chocolates in their mouth and beating imposter cupids.


A Virtual Cooking Class

Whether you want to create a delectable chocolate dessert or an elegant meal, Sur La Table has an online cooking class for your family. Starting at just $29 per household, your family will learn how to do something new and be instantly rewarded with the results.


Valentine's Day Dance Party

Teacher Linda Newell is hosting a Valentine's Day dance party, available through Outschool. In this lesson, kids will sing and dance to kid-friendly songs about Valentine's Day. Class will begin with everyone introducing themselves and wishing each other a happy Valentine's Day. After that, let the singing and dancing commence!

Date: Monday, Feb 8 (3 to 3:30 p.m. EST)

Cost: $5

Age: 3 to 5


Watch A Valentine's Day Video

We Are Teachers, an educational resource website, has an adorable roundup of preschool Valentine's Day-themed videos your little one will love (and perhaps may learn something at the same time).


Create A Valentine's Day E-Card

With Smilebox, you can choose from tons of free Valentine's Day-themed e-cards to customize for friends and family. Yes, a handmade card is great, too, but I kind of love these virtual options (some are animated and come with songs).


Make Digital Valentine’s Cards

The templates available on the website We Are Teachers are perfect for creating an endless assortment of digital Valentine’s Day cards to be shared immediately with family and friends.

So listen, none of these activities are the same as going to a Valentine's Day party or spending time in the same room with elderly loved ones, but in a way, aren't we so lucky to have modern technology as a means of connecting us during these uncertain times? Happy Valentine's Day!

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