Valentine's Day

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15 Super Cute Gifts For Your Little Valentine

These presents are even sweeter than candy.

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… " might be one way to tell your tot you adore them come Valentine’s Day. But, let’s be honest, if they wake up to nary a candy or toy in sight, they might question your true feelings. That’s why we’ve pulled together 12 Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

As you’d expect there’s the obligatory stuffed animal holding a heart in here (What kid wouldn’t love that?). But there are also some unexpected offerings to give your little love bug. We’ve tried to avoid candy because we’ve just come off the winter holiday sugar rush and could probably all stand to trade a box of conversation hearts for a clementine.

And, in this season of stay at home orders, we’ve tried to find gifts that aren’t just things but activities. (I don’t know about y’all, but the one thing helping me manage the work/parent juggle is having activities for my son like the magic kit my parent’s just sent him that’s occupied his every waking moment for the last 24 hours. So consider these Valentine’s gifts an assortment of sweet things that your child will not only love, but things that will help you love them more in the process (ya feel me?).

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Cup Runneth Over

All aboard the DIY train: next stop sip station. This darling activity gift comes courtesy of Oriental Trading company and a pack of plastic cups your kids can decorate themselves. The best part is the box comes with 12 cups so you can let your whole brood each make their own or share them with your pod pals.


Beep! Beep!

Ask me and I’d say “Read to me, Mom” are the four sweetest words in the English language. So for my money, there’s no better Valentine’s gift for a kid than a new book, and this one is totally on theme. Little Blue Truck fans will recognize their favorite characters in this sweet picture book series from author Alice Schertle and illustrator Jill McElmurry.


Stamp Act

If there’s an app for everything, then there’s a Melissa & Doug toy for everything too. This stamp set fits Valentine’s nicely with a supply of heart and butterfly designs.


Key to My Heart

What says love more than thematic virus protection? Nothing, that’s what. Gift your child a Valentine’s face mask so they can celebrate the season safely.


Sharing is Caring

Ask any child of the ‘80s their favorite toddler TV program and “Care Bears” is likely to be high on the list. Now new generations are being introduced to this retro cartoon and if you want to spread the bear’s message of love to your kid, gift them a V-Day Care Bear.



Oh the surprise ball, it’s like 10 gifts in one. You could make one yourself and stock it full of little items or just snag this Uncommon Goods item packed with fun treats.


Blinded by Love

For your baby, the future is so bright they probably need shades. So how about these perfect-for-Valentine’s heart sunglasses? They’ll be looking extra cool come February 14.


Love Bug

Even the newest additions deserve a little big of Cupid’s love which is why this Pottery Barn blanky is so on point. Soft and snuggly and with the sweetest message imaginable, it’s perfect.


Big He(Art)

Breakout the newspaper print, it’s time to get crafty. This fun do it yourself project lets kids paint their own ceramic hearts. You can help and talk about how love is all about while you work.


Smile, Baby

Have a tiny teether who deserves a little something special for V-Day? How about a right on time heart-shaped teething ring from Kido Chicago?


Like Putty in Your Hands

What’s better than foam and putty? Foam putty. Put it in a unicorn holder and voila, present perfection.


Look Out Cupid

Darlyng & Co., a kids’ company started by Black husband and wife team Carl and Tara Darnley sells all kinds of cool items, but we're partial to this superhero cape. Let them pretend to be a caped crusader of love in this fun item.


Heart Hues

In my house, we seem to forever be searching for our box of crayons. This wouldn’t be such a problem if we had this Oooly set of stacking crayons. Perfect for V-Day, this collection is shaped like hearts so your little kiddo can get in this spirit making their own love notes for friends.


Feeling Blue

I promised there’d be a stuffed animal holding a heart and here it is. I went with Blue from Blue’s Clues because for some many little kids he epitomizes the spirit of learning and helping out, something so important to building a child’s self confidence.


Sweet Skate

A pink skateboard deck? Yes please. This gift is for the ultimate Valentine rebel. Made from 7-ply 100% maple, it's a board that's sturdy and sweet (wheels, bearings and trucks not included).