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These 19 Valentine's Day Printables Are Even Sweeter Cause They're Free

Get the pink and red crayons ready.

by Lindsay E. Mack

When it's time to celebrate Valentine's Day with your kid this year, put the printer to work. There are Valentine's Day printables for kids including everything from coloring sheets to puzzles, so your kid's box of crayons and markers will be put to good use. It's a creative way for kids to learn more about the holiday that doesn't require a ton of adult supervision.

Sure, there are lots of great Valentine's Day craft ideas for kids, including a slime recipe featuring heart-shaped glitter. (Yes, really.) But sometimes you need a fun holiday-themed activity that isn't quite as involved, and that's where these V-Day printables come in. Your kid can decorate their own card, color tons of hearts and flowers, and learn more about the words associated with February 14 while you're off doing other stuff. Alternatively, print out an extra sheet or two and join your kid for a little coloring and puzzling fun, because it's seriously relaxing and entertaining. Enjoy hearts, candies, and other lovey symbols on these Valentine's Day printable activities for children.

Valentine's Day Cards

Ready-to-color Valentine's Day cards for kids make a perfect activity around V-Day. Not only does your kid get to color in an adorable image, but they also get to give the picture away as a thoughtful card. Plus, kid-designed Valentines are kind of the best.

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages with a distinct Valentine's Day theme are also great for the holiday. Hearts, cupids, and candies fill these pages, so your kid already has some great subjects to choose from.

Games & Activities

Lastly, here are some mazes and word puzzles to keep your little one occupied. It's another fun way to learn about the words, symbols, and traditions associated with Valentine's Day. These are some of the most adorable puzzles you'll see all year.