10 Ridiculously Cute Valentine's Day Squishmallows You'll Never Want To Let Go Of

Huggable and lovable.

You’ve probably heard your child squeal over Squishmallows. The loveable stuffed animals are, as the name suggests, round and squishy and come in 800 different animal iterations. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for kids that goes beyond sugar, look no further. These darling stuffies are the perfect gift. And there are plenty to choose from. In fact, these 10 Valentine’s Day Squishmallows are an ideal way to say I love you on Cupid’s big day.

Whatever your child’s favorite creature is, be it domesticated or mythical, there’s likely a Squishmallow to match. To add a little Valentine’s Day element, these Squishmallows come with an additional signifier. In some cases that’s a heart or two on their chests, in others, a little message like “I’d Cross Oceans 4U” is embroidered across the belly.

Sure, you could ply your kiddo with Valentine’s candy, but isn’t that what they expect? Surprise them with a cuddly snuggly Valentine’s Squishmallow they can hang onto long after the holiday is over. But beware. This special gift might just trigger a Squishmallow obsession (if they have not already fallen victim to it). Fortunately, the brand has plenty loads of inventory so you can supply your Squishmallow fiend with plenty more throughout the year.

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Chloeyana Dog

If your child has a soft spot for puppies, they’ll love this Chloeyana Dog Squishmallow sporting two sweet hearts on its chest. At eight inches tall, it’s not too big to tote around.


Rei The Pegasus

Rei The Pegasus is one of the cutest Valentine’s Squishmallow buddies. With closed eyes, it looks like it’s chuffed to see you. Purple with a tuft of a mohawk it also features a red and purple heart on its white tummy. And naturally, also has sparkling wings and a fluffy tail.


Olina Octopus

Olina Octopus is more than just a charming mollusk, it’s a mollusk with a message. Namely: “I’d Cross Oceans 4U.” Wouldn’t you do just that for your child? What a perfect Valentine’s thought to share with your little one.


Tally You’re Perfect Kitty

This Tally Your're Perfect Squishmallow kitty also sports a fun tummy text: You’re Prrrfect. What a great message your child could wake up to each day with this 8 inch Valentine’s Squishmallow.


Samir The Dolphin

Dolphins are a favorite animal with small children, their intelligence and playfulness often capture’s kids' imaginations. If you have a dolphin lover in the house, consider giving them Samir the Dolphin Squishmallow for Valentine’s Day. Super snuggly, kids will love the marshmallow life feel.


Kip The Llama

Gifts don’t get much more Valentine-y than a pink llama. And Kip the Llama Squishmallow is proof. Wearing heart sunglasses, Kip is especially him. In fact, his belly is heart shaped too.


Regina The Hershey’s Kiss Dog

Hershey Kisses make for great Valentine’s Day gifts. But how about a Squishmallow in Hershey Kiss clothing? That’s the case with Regina the Hershey's Kisses Dog. She looks like she got caught sniffing around a pack of wrappers. But she’s pretty pleased with herself as her big smile and heart-shaped classes indicate.


Koala Clip On

If your house is already filled with stuffed animals, but you still want to give your child a little snuggly something, consider Valentine's Squishmallow Clip Ons. Itty bitty Squishmallows, they come with a clip kids can use to attach to a backpack or coat. This tiny Koala Squishmallow is clutching a heart, a nice reminder to your child while they’re at school that you love them.


Momo Monkey

Monkeys are so loveable, they make a natural stuffed animal option. So give your monkey-lover a soft version of their favorite animal with this Momo Monkey. Bigger at 16 inches, this Valentine Squishmallow could easily double as a pillow.


Sara the Pink Squirrel

Sara the Pink Squirrel is 16-inch tall Squishmallow who features tiny ears and has two little intertwined hearts on her chest. Atop her head are three darker pink stripes. It’s the perfect size for cuddling with and napping on.

Share the squishy, cozy love this year by selecting a Valentine’s Day Squishmallow for your little love. It will likely become their favorite.