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15 Ridiculously Cute Valentine's Day Squishmallows

Because you *need* a pink Bigfoot.

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The store shelves are stocked with all things pink, red, and white, which means one thing: Valentine’s Day isn’t too far away. While the wafting smell of chocolate is enough temptation to make you want to fill your cart with candy and other treats, there is something equally as delicious (and adorable) to give your child this year, and that’s a Valentine’s Day Squishmallow. This years’ Valentine’s Squishmallows are cute, cuddly, and full of festive, February 14 feels.

Just when you think that your child has every Squishmallow imaginable, (and they probably do), along comes the new Valentine’s Day Squishmallows collection to fall in love with. Animals abound in this holiday Squishmallow selection, particularly dogs like pugs and corgis, to Australian shepherds and St. Bernard’s. There are other animals, too, like gorillas, cats — even a toothy T-rex with a big purple heart on its chest. And imagine a pink shaggy Bigfoot with hearts on their antennas, or a giraffe covered in spots and pink spots dotting its nose, and you’ll soon see why this year’s offerings are absolutely irresistible.

So sure, you could give your kid candy on Valentine’s Day, or you could give them something that they could cuddle up with that won’t give them a cavity. And that’s certainly something to love.


Caparinne, the Bigfoot Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

Bigfoot sightings are always elusive (and sometimes sketchy), but they won’t be when you get Caparinne the Bigfoot. The Valentine’s Day Squishmallow plush measures 10” and is so cute with her pink shaggy furry face and ears, and heart-shaped antennas.


Lane the Pink Squirrel Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

Of course, you might not be able to find pink squirrels in the wild — unless you capture this cute one. Lane the Pink Squirrel measures 11” and has love written all over her — literally.


Pam the Pug Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

With her angel wings and pink headband sporting antenna hearts, Pam the Pug is ready to rock your world with her sweetness. This Squishmallow is perfect for any pug lover.


Xander the Gray T-Rex Dinosaur Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

T-Rex’s often get a bad rap for being, you know, carnivorous. It might be hard not to fall in love with Xander, the Gray T-Rex, though, especially when you see how darn happy this dinosaur is, what with his big smile and shiny purple heart.


Bryce the Puppy Dog Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

From his floppy rainbow ears to his big pink eye patch, there’s so much to love about Bryce the Puppy Dog. Perhaps this playful Squishmallow puppy will find his way into your home for Valentine’s Day?


Raylor the Australian Shepherd Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

Australian Shepherds are known for being herding dogs, and Raylor is certainly no exception. The 8-inch Squishmallow will definitely work his way right into your heart — and your shopping cart.


Bernie the St. Bernard Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

Did you know that Bernie’s biggest dream is to become an emergency medical technician? That’s probably due to the fact that St. Bernards are used in mountain rescues. Well, you can rescue this cutie by adopting him as your child’s newest Squishmallow this Valentine’s Day.


Cam the Calico Cat Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

Your kid will think Cam the Calico Valentine’s Day Squishmallow is purrfectly adorable. With her pink nose and red heart with the word “love” written on it, you’ll be so fur-tunate to add her to your collection.


Lola the Unicorn Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

A pink and purple tie-dye unicorn Squishmallow? Yes, please. Lola the Unicorn is just lovely as a Valentine’s Day Squishmallow, from her little ears to her lavender horn.


Disney Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s Day Squishmallows

Combine your love of all things Disney and Squishmallows with this perfectly paired Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Squishmallows. The 8-inch pair have definitely been Squishmallow-fied, and, hot dog, are so cute.


Reginald the Corgi Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

With his perky ears and “hugs and squishes” lettering on his tummy, no one could blame you for getting in all the cuddles that you can with Reginald the Corgi this Valentine’s Day.


Aron the Gorilla Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

Your child will go ape (in a good way, of course), when they get Aron the Gorilla for Valentine’s Day. They can play with this Squishmallow, sleep with it, or simply hug it, as Aron is cutely requesting.


Ladee the Ladybug Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

Ladybugs are often thought to bring good luck, which is exactly what this little Ladee will do. The 11-inch ladybug Squishmallow has a pretty ombre effect on her belly, and hearts all over her wings, making her the loveliest ladybug of all.


Elpha the Vanilla Cupcake Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

You won’t mind your child trying to sink their teeth into Elpha, the sweet Valentine’s Day Squishmallow cupcake. She has rainbow sprinkles (and hearts) on her frosting, and is topped not with a cherry, but a ruby red heart.


Gary the Giraffe Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

While giraffes can grow upwards of 17-19 feet tall, your child won’t mind snuggling with this smaller-sized Squishmallow version. Gary the Giraffe measures 5 inches, with iridescent ears and heart spots on his nose.

With such a sweet selection of Squishmallows for Valentine’s Day, it’ll be hard to narrow down which ones to get — and even harder to find a place to store them all.

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