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After A Little Boy Lost His Tooth At School, His Vice Principal Wrote A Letter To The Tooth Fairy

Sometimes you need a go-between.

by Jen McGuire

Sometimes a kid needs a little extra help when it comes to magic, especially right now. So when a little boy lost his tooth at school, his vice principal wrote to the Tooth Fairy on his behalf. On official school letterhead and everything.

Shandee Whitehead, the vice principal at Hart Highlands Elementary School in Prince George, British Columbia, recently took to Twitter to share a bit of drama from her day at school. Namely when a young student named Gavin lost a tooth. It seems Gavin's tooth went missing and there was some concern about what would happen with the Tooth Fairy. Would Gavin get his payment if he didn't have a tooth to trade? Quick-thinking, Whitehead decided the best idea would be to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy herself explaining the situation and vouching for Gavin.

As she wrote, "Today one of Gavin's tooth fell out while he was getting ready for lunch. Unfortunately, it was lost in the classroom, and despite the heroic efforts of a fearless search team, we were unable to recover it."

A vice principal wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy for a student and hopefully saved the day.

She went on to give her credentials as a "trained Vice Principal and a hobby dentist," when confirming that there was "definitely a gap in Gavin's teeth" that had not been there that morning. Finally, Whitehead asked the Tooth Fairy to "provide the standard monetary exchange rate you normally use for a real tooth."

As altruistic as the letter appeared to be, Whitehead had her own reasons for contacting the Tooth Fairy, too — she was still owed money for her wisdom teeth from 2000 and wanted to be compensated because "I have bills to pay."

Social media users loved Whitehead's letter to the Tooth Fairy, including actress Jameela Jamil who shared it and wrote, "And just like that... I like the world again." Another wrote, "Delightful and charming letter from teacher who will be remembered by this little chap for the rest of his life. Most kids remember some pedantic teacher who makes their life hell by constantly nit-picking over spelling mistakes."

This isn't the first time Whitehead got involved in letter-writing to magical beings. Back in December, she shared a post explaining that the new grade one class pet, a rabbit named Bun-Bun, was so beloved that kids were rewriting letters to Santa. She shared one letter writer's note which read in part, "on my other letter from this year where I put hamster and bunny I meant to put angora bunny. Like the one from Ms. Flushers class."

I don't know about you but I really wish all kids went to a school so full of magic like this one. And also I hope Shandee Whitehead gets that sweet wisdom teeth money under her pillow tonight. With interest.