This Dad Had A Full-On Workout As He Calmly Wrestled His Baby Girl Into Her Car Seat

“This is the quietest wrestling match I've ever seen.”

Babies are stronger than us. It’s just how it is. Well, maybe not stronger, but they’re certainly more determined to get their way. Like one adorable baby who’s gone viral on TikTok. In a truly hilarious video that’s gotten millions of views across social media, a dad tried with all his might to get his baby girl into her car seat. It’s a genuinely exhausting struggle parents know all too well, but this dad has the patience of a Zen master. Winded and frustrated though he may be.

TikTok user @PrettyYoungLee recently shared a video of her husband patiently trying to get his squirming baby into her car seat. At the beginning of the video, she is climbing on the back of her car seat without a care in the world and he sort of laughs and settles in for battle. A silent battle between a grown man and a tiny baby — and she is winning. Leaving him breathless as he tries to twist her back into her car seat and she quietly, calmly fights him every step of the way.

The video, which has been viewed more than 1.6 million times on Twitter and has gotten over 15,000 comments on TikTok, lasts for nearly two minutes, and this hero of a dad keeps his cool the whole time. Even when she flips over onto her stomach, bucks away from the seat belt, and leaves him panting for air.

“lol that grown man is losing to a 15lb baby girl. He's the one fighting for his life,” on TikTok user commented. Another added, “This is the quietest wrestling match I've ever seen.”

“Bruh, whatever the function was, it’s over!” one amused viewer tweeted. “Y’all missed it. Just go on back in the house and take a nap after that workout.”

Spoiler alert: He wins in the end. His little girl is strapped in safely and he rewards her with a little kiss after getting her adjusted, her laughing up at him. That’s what makes this video special. Not just the relatable and hilarious struggle but the good-natured way both dad and baby deal with each other. “Dad never stopped smiling. so much love,” noted one TikTok user.

This dad is certainly not the first or last parent to wrestle with an unwieldy baby who refuses to get in their car seat. In fact, another couple called Ben and Lex took to TikTok to ask for advice on how to get their baby who suddenly had “rigor mortis” to get into their car seat in a video that racked up more than 3.3 million views. While the comments were all sympathetic and funny, no one seemed to have a clear answer as to why babies do this. It seems this is just one of those things babies do when they want to resist their parents. Charming.