Virgo Season

12 Nail Designs to Embrace Virgo Season

All the nail designs your curious, perfectionist Virgo heart could desire.

Virgo season is officially upon us. And because Virgos are so organized and resourceful, one thing they like is feeling put together. There’s truly no better way to feel good about yourself than by having your nails done. Although you might typically go for a solid color — something easily attainable — there’s also a lot of Virgo nail designs out there that can be used to embrace the Virgo season. Brown, green and sapphire are all colors associated with Virgos for different reasons, as are autumnal colors.

Going from August 23 to September 22, the season is a time when “nature's abundance and fertility become ready for gathering and harvesting, lending to the earthy, tending, and organizational qualities of the Virgo archetype,” according to Given the season is leading up to fall, when everyone will be going apple picking and carving pumpkins, the earthiness of this period makes a lot of sense.

Virgo season is also said to be a time to embrace getting out of your comfort zone. Some of these Virgo nail designs are a little bit more difficult, so trying them out at home could be a way to do that, or reach out to a local salon. If you’re looking to embrace Virgo season — whether you have a birthday during this time or you just want to celebrate change — try out any of these 12 Virgo nail designs.


Straight-Up Virgo

Artsy Nails: Naillogy by Dipanwita

Your nails will shine with the special Virgo sparkle if they look like this. This creator put the Virgo symbol on one nail and constellations on another. If you’re attempting to create this look at home, you can start with this false nail kit to give yourself a bigger palette to work with. From there, you’ll paint on the base colors and create the designs with tools like these ones, which are similar to what the creator used in the video.


Sapphire Gemstone Nails

@Spellbound.nailartistry on Instagram

The Virgo gemstone is sapphire, so a great way to embrace your Virgo birthday would be with some dark blue nails. These Virgo nails from Spellbound Nail Artistry are so fun — they’re not just blue, but they’re also different shades of blue with some sparkles. If you look closely, it kind of looks like a galaxy — so even more perfect if you’re keeping the celestial theme in mind.


Funky Brown Nails

@SelectOutfit on Twitter

Did you know that brown is one of the colors in the Virgo color palette? It represents the element of Earth and the planet Mercury. These funky brown nails are a great way to incorporate the color without your nails being just... well, brown. You can match these to a lot of different outfits and celebrate your Virgo birthday a bit more subtly, if that’s your vibe.


Colored French Tips, Virgo Style

@SolRose on Twitter

French tips are so classy — but sometimes you might want to achieve that same classy look with a bit more pop. These french tips are dark blue (like the Virgo Sapphire gemstone) and green (another one of the colors in the Virgo palette). It looks just as sleek, but a little more unique. If you aren’t sure how to do French tips yourself, check out this video, which shows how to do different kinds and which tools you’ll need. But if you want to just go to the salon, no shame in that.


Awesome Autumn Nails

So technically Virgo season does not overlap with Autumn, but it doesn’t feel like summer anymore either. If you’re ready to jump right into fall, these pumpkin spice donut-inspired nails from essie’s website are perfect to celebrate the very beginning of the season. They’re pretty easy, too — so if you have that Virgo sense of perfectionism, a nail design that you literally can’t mess up might be the way to go.


Ocean Blue Nails

OK, so maybe you’re the kind of Virgo that isn’t ready for fall to come and wants summer to stick around forever. If that’s the case, try out these oceanic blue nails from essie — they’ll remind you of all the great summer memories, and have you feeling positive as you enter a new year. They recommend you use a makeup sponge to blend the colors together, but if you don’t want to sacrifice the one you use on your face, try these makeup wedges from Ulta.


Gold Standard

Everything has to be up to a Virgo’s gold standard, right? These gold nails from OPI are a bit autumnal and representative of a Virgo’s abilities to make anything they touch become invaluable. The step-by-step process is on OPI’s website. One thing to love about this look is that OPI actually named the three colors used to create the design for Virgos, Capricorns, and Tauruses, which are all very compatible signs. Talk about embracing your sign!


Sapphire Sparkles

Foap AB/foap/Getty Images

If you like the idea of Sapphire nails, but want a bit of a sparkle, try these solid blue nails with silver gems. These diamond-esque rhinestones from Amazon would be great for this; the kit comes with an applicator, but glue is sold separately.


Late September Inspired Nails

Do you remember the 21st night of September? It’s the second to last day of Virgo season, and if that’s when your birthday is, you need to try out OPI’s nail design called Earth, Wind, and Fired Up. It has a lot of different colors and looks complicated, but OPI has specific directions so that you can attempt this on your own.


Perfectionist Gold Nails

Vee Nailedit on YouTube

Now this design really embraces the Virgo need for analysis and perfection. These require a lot of work — look at all those flowers and gemstones — but is beautiful and includes the Virgo symbol. Extra long nails like these ones will be helpful for this.


Green with Envy

@RochaNails on Instagram

One of the down sides of being a Virgo is dealing with jealousy; but you’ll be dealing with other peoples’ jealousy if your nails are these amazing shade of green from Rocha Nails. This design is so interesting to look at, and the gold edges really make it sparkle.


It’s in the Stars

Carole Annette on YouTube

Not all celestial designs need to be on super long nails! So if you’re a fan of keeping yours on the short side, try out this design. Since some of the nails in this video were created with dip, you’ll need to buy a dip kit like this one.

Feeling like getting into Virgo season with some fun Virgo nail designs? Any of these would be great options, whether you’re doing them yourself or going to a nail technician.