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Walmart’s Top Toys For 2023 Are Here

And Romper can exclusively reveal the list and our favorites.

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There is nothing I love more than the slow ramp-up to the holidays, especially when the toy lists come out. Romper can exclusively reveal the Walmart 2023 Top Toys List, and it’s pretty spectacular. This list includes 55 of the best of the best in toys, from categories like STEAM and pretend play to your child’s favorite movie characters and TV shows in toy form. And the best part? 25 of those 55 toys are under $25.

You may see some you’ve already spotted in commercials, YouTube ads, and those creepily perfect social media algorithms, but this list should help you narrow down your holiday shopping list a bit. There are products and toys available — like Barbie and Squishmallows — that your child or nephew or grandkid already has on a list, but there are also a bunch of Walmart exclusive toys that you can totally surprise the kid in your life with. I’m particularly drawn to all of the pretend play sets, including talking workbenches, dentist sets (Please, you have to do the “I want to be a dentist!” line from Rudolph when you give it to your child.), and even an interactive kennel that has a puppy magically appear inside. Talk about a holiday miracle.

So be sure to check out the full Walmart 2023 Top Toys List, but here are a few of Romper’s favorite items:

For pretend play fans

This is one toy that I’ve already got on my list for my 4-year-old who loves playing dentist. The Melissa & Doug Super Smile Dentist Kit comes with 25 pieces so kids can set up their own little dentist office and work through their own feelings about the dentist, or just go totally off-the-walls with their imagination. And because it’s Melissa & Doug, you know it’ll last forever.

For the TMNT fan

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back, baby, and this TMNT half-pipe remote control skateboarding Leonardo is a must for your little turtle fans. Leonardo can perform skate tricks, but is also small enough to enjoy in the house without knocking over all your lamps and furniture. This toy is also a Walmart exclusive, so act fast.

For the Cocomelon fan

Both my 4-year-old and my 16-month-old daughters are huge Cocomelon fans, so this Cocomelon Choo Choo Train Ride-On is bound to be a hit this holiday season. Another Walmart exclusive, this comes with a train engine and two train cars (perfect for hauling toys) and plays Cocomelon songs and even projects a few Cocomelon scenes. And don’t worry: it only tops out at 1.5 MPH.

For the Elmo fan

Every year there’s a new Elmo toy, and this year’s might be my favorite. For kids ages 2 and up, there is the Sesame Street Elmo Slide! plush. This Elmo doll will play games like Elmo Says, but it also plays “Elmo Slide,” a catchy tune that will have Elmo dancing and sliding across the room so well, your kid will be dying to join in.

For the Barbie fan

Barbie has had many Dreamhouses over the years, but the Barbie Pool Party Dreamhouse with a three-story slide? It might be the best one. With 75 pieces and accessories, this is every Barbie child’s actual dream come true, and it’ll be a huge hit this holiday season.

For baby DJs

I can not get over this Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Mix & Learn DJ Table. It’s the perfect height for cruising and walking babies to spin some mad tunes, but it can also be flat on the ground for sitting babies to put a record on.

For little magic lovers

Magic Mixies have had some really great holiday gifts, from the Crystal Ball version to the original cauldron mixies, and now there is the Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp. It’s the ultimate interactive toy with over 60 sounds, lights, and reactions as your child waits to discover which rainbow Magic Mixie will come out of their lamp.

For Star Wars fans

I can not get over how adorable these Droidables are. This BB-8 Droidable action figure is a tiny little interactive version of everyone’s favorite (well, I guess one of everyone’s favorites) droid, and it’s so cute. Perfect for collectors or little kids who just want to play, it has over 20 lights and sounds and is like having your own BB-8 with you at all times.

For the lover of stuffies

Piñata Smashlings are based on the incredibly popular Roblox game, and now they’re available with these Smashlings Plushies. These are a great price point, and make for an excellent stocking stuffer so your child can collect as many as possible.

For the Jurassic World fan

Another Walmart exclusive, I’m really excited for this Jurassic World REALFX Baby T-Rex since my 9-year-old daughter finally watched Jurassic Park and loved it. She (and your kids) will flip for this incredibly realistic hand puppet with over 20 sounds and bite and lunge capabilities.

For the animal lover

Little Live Pets are always coming out with perfect holiday toys, and this year’s My Puppy’s Home is no different. Your child will receive all the pieces needed to make a perfect little doggy house, and once they make it as welcoming as possible, they just have to wait until they hear barking and, surprise! Their puppy has now come home and is ready to play. There are 25 sounds and reactions, and your kids will be able to build the dog house over and over to welcome home their magic little pup.

For the story time lover

Any kind of projection toy is my favorite, and this one is just a classic. The Little Tikes Story Dream Machine starter set comes with three classic Little Golden Book stories that play out of the machine and onto the wall in a lovely nightlight mode. You can fast-forward, rewind, pause, and more with just a push, and it’s just the sweetest little gift. I kind of want it for myself.

For the kids who love poop humor

Any game with poop is a winner for kids, right? This Monkey See Monkey Poo game comes with banana-scented fake poop for kids in a game that requires you to fling tiny poop at a tree, hoping to collect as many bananas as possible. It’s as silly and wild as it sounds, but everyone will be laughing until they cry.

For your tiny fixer

A Walmart exclusive, this VTech Drill & Learn Workbench is a classic holiday gift and just so fun. Not only does it come with a bunch of interactive tools for your child to learn about, it also comes with nine little projects they can actually build with their workbench.

For the LEGO fan

Who knew LEGO could be so beautiful, right? This LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet set is just so pretty, and is the perfect gift for anybody who loves LEGO and would like to display them in their home. It comes with 939 pieces, so it’s not too insanely difficult, but is recommended for LEGO fans ages 18 and up.

For the UNO lover

UNO is already a pretty cutthroat game, but this Walmart exclusive of UNO Show ‘Em No Mercy card game is just brutal. With new rules and really tough penalties, this is a version of UNO that will get ruthless real fast.

The full Walmart 2023 Top Toys List is available now, so go ahead and make those wishlists while items are still in stock!

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