A mother prepares a child’s costume before going out trick or treating on Halloween.
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16 Warm Halloween Costumes For Kids, Toddlers, & Babies

Costumes that look cool, but keep them warm.

When you’re a kid, you plan exactly what you want to be for Halloween for ages before the calendar ever rolls over to October. So, naturally, the biggest downer as a kid is when your mom or dad forces you to wear a jacket over top of the costume you’ve been daydreaming of wearing.

Fashion is pain, right? I remember as a 9-year-old girl, my mom ordered me this pop star costume I’d seen in a catalog and I looked forward to putting on my fancy armbands and headset mic for months. If the weather had been cool enough to need extra layers that year, I shudder to think of the battle she would’ve been in for trying to put a turtleneck under my stage-ready crop top.

If you’re taking kiddos trick-or-treating on a blustery evening, help them pick out a costume they’ll love that will keep them warm without the help of their boring old hoodie or hat. Then, you won’t have to worry about them freezing their tiny fingers and toes off, and you won’t have to hear about how Elsa didn’t wear a jacket or how Spiderman doesn’t need mittens.

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Where The Wild Things Are Max Toddler Costume

Do you ever look at your kid and think, “I’ll eat you up I love you so?” Well, you wouldn’t be the first parent to think of Maurice Sendak’s famous line from one of the most beloved children’s storybooks ever, Where the Wild Things Are. Little did Sendak know, he wasn’t just creating timeless characters, but a great option for a warm Halloween costume.

Max’s wild thing jumpsuit is made with a super soft-looking plush fabric, which will layer easily over other clothes for added warmth. The attached hood will keep your little one’s ears and head nice and cozy, too.


Little Dragon Halloween Costume

When it comes to warm Halloween costumes, it doesn’t get any easier than buying a full costume set made of soft sweatpants and a zip-up hoodie. This dragon costume set comes in sizes 2T, 3T, 4T, and 5T, and is also available as a bright blue shark costume instead if that’s more your kiddo’s thing these days.

Since this costume is made with microfleece and jersey materials, it’s designed to keep your wee dragon warm as they storm the streets on Halloween. Sure, there are more elaborate dragon costumes for sale out there, but this one is perfect for busy dragons who don’t want oversize wings getting in their way.


Snorlax Cosplay Costume

Snorlax, I choose you! If you’re big Pokémon fans in your family, choosing this Snorlax jumpsuit for your baby’s warm Halloween costume is kind of a no-brainer. This fleece jumpsuit is literally made to keep your baby warm in all kinds of weather, and it features a zip closure on the front so it’s easy to do diaper changes. The sleeves include flip-up mittens so your baby can have their hands free to snag up candy (or more age-appropriate treats) but you can roll them down for warmth as needed. And let’s not forget the most important feature of anything you want to dress your baby in: it’s machine washable.


Toddler Plush Magical Llama Jumpsuit

Want to dress your little one as a magical llamacorn for Halloween? Well, dreams do come true. This warm Halloween jumpsuit comes in sizes from 18 months all the way up to 5T. Its plush material is designed to hold in warmth, and who doesn’t love an attached hood for keeping little ears out of the cold? You can size up in the jumpsuit and layer clothes underneath if the forecast is looking really chilly for Halloween night. In that case, maybe a pair of fuzzy blue slippers would make the perfect finishing touch to give your little llama the gift of warm toes?


Ewok Costume For Baby

Hardcore Star Wars fans have probably been planning to dress their kid as an Ewok since before they ever met their partner. And who could blame you? Just look: it’s adorable! If you’re in the market for warm Halloween costume that pays homage to your favorite franchise, an Ewok jumpsuit is guaranteed to do the trick. The oversized suit looks like it’s literally made of stuffed animal material, so not only is it ultra warm, but it looks like it has room for a turtleneck and pants (or even thicker clothes) underneath. And, in true Disney fashion, you can include the whole family thanks to their array of Star Wars costumes.


Kids' Fortnite Drift Costume

Do I have any idea what Fortnite characters look like? Not really. Will I know them when I see them? Probably not. Might they give themselves away by doing viral dances? My hopes are high.

This particular Fortnite character makes creating a warm Halloween costume super easy for parents. You can purchase the costume top, which has a hood for a warm head and ears, and the mask. The rest of his outfit is simple: a black long-sleeved shirt, black pants, and sneakers. In fact, this Drift guy is also known for wearing a jacket at times, so you could purchase another layer your kid will actually want to wear. And he’s even Covid-friendly, wearing a face mask underneath his mask. I like this guy.


Kids' Descendants Mal Costume

You may think hats and hoods are the only way to keep your kid’s head warm while they trick or treat, but honestly, have you ever worn a wig? It might be even more effective and holding in heat than any beanie. This Mal ensemble makes for a warm Halloween costume both because it allows for layering underneath and has pants and long sleeves itself. Add a wig to represent Mal’s signature blue and purple hair and your little Descendants fan should be good to go. Mal is also known for being able to turn into a dragon, so just remind your kiddo they can breathe fire if they get cold.


Ladybug Baby Costume

If you’re planning to layer up your little one so they can stay warm on Halloween night, this ladybug costume set is perfect: it includes both a long-sleeved undershirt to match the bug suit, and striped, footed leggings as well. This costume, shirt, and tights set is also available in an avocado design. Am I sensing a Taco Tuesday family costume in the making here? It has all 5-star reviews online with commenters pointing out that it’s perfect for crisp fall weather. The costume set comes in sizes ranging from 3 months all the way up to 24 months, so babies and toddlers alike can buzz about in this look.


Kids' Ghostbusters Mini Puft Inflatable Costume

Hear me out: an inflatable costume doesn’t sound like the warmest Halloween costume option on the market, but it totally can be if you layer your child’s clothes on underneath. Inflatable costumes are so loose that you could dress your child in a full-on snow suit underneath if need be, and it would still fit perfectly once you inflate it.

This Stay Puft Marshmallow Man inflatable costume also kind of acts like a heat-saving bubble. It’s got a mesh mouth covering, but otherwise, this bad boy is holding in all your kiddo’s body heat and keeping out the cool air.


Toddler Chicken Halloween Jumpsuit

Personally, my baby will absolutely be dressing as a chicken for Halloween this year. We call him Little Chicken because of the way his fluffy baby hair stands up on his head, so why not make it official? And if you’re on the hunt for a warm Halloween costume for a little one wearing any size between 18 months and 5T, well, here you go.

This plush chicken jumpsuit has some key warmth features, like being made of a heavier material, long sleeves, and a hood. Again, some fuzzy chicken feet slippers would go a long way in completing this look while keeping your wee one’s feet protected. It also comes in smaller sizes for infants.


PJ Masks Owlette Costume

This PJ Masks costume gets a five-star rating in the warm Halloween costumes category. This Owlette outfit comes in sizes 2T up to 6T and includes the suit, wings, gloves, and headpiece. While it looks loose-fitting enough to wear a shirt and leggings underneath, size up if you think thicker pieces are needed. Check out this super helpful review from a parent:

“The body portion was a near perfect fit in length and width even with a thin, light weight shirt & pants underneath. The mask fit well but it shifted at times, prob should have been made a tad smaller. Like all other reviews, the gloves are made too small. They fit after a little wiggle & jiggle. Try & stretch them out before putting on. Lastly, the tail is held on by pretty strong Velcro. It’s removable for sitting in care seat.”


Kids' X-Ray Skeleton Costume

Wanting head-to-toe costume coverage for your kid this Halloween? A skeleton may not seem like the warmest costume option — quite the opposite, if anything — but this warm Halloween costume features a full hood that covers the face, gloves, pants, and a long-sleeved shirt. All the pieces are black and printed with a blue skeleton X-ray image for kids who are old enough to get into the spooky side of Halloween, but aren’t ready to go full scary clown just yet (bless them). There are similar skeleton costumes that include face masks too, and costumes for your pets in case you want to include your fur children in the fun.


Elsa’s Coronation Dress Costume

If you’re trying to make sure the cold never bothers them anyway, who better to dress your little one up as than Elsa herself? The Frozen and Frozen 2 ice queen has countless signature dresses from the two movies; this one is her coronation gown from the original, when she’s crowned queen (cue “For The First Time In Forever” karaoke, please). This dress has a long skirt and long sleeves, so it’ll hide thin shirts or leggings underneath with no issue. The cape is less for warmth and more for looks, but the gloves should be pretty helpful with both.


Unicorn Belly Baby & Toddler Costume

Big belly costumes on newly walking toddlers are so, so stinking cute, and how many times in your life do you want to wear a costume that makes you look this shape? This unicorn version of the big belly costume trend is super fuzzy and soft, and comes with the unicorn suit, hood, shoe covers, and wings. As the Target website says, “This material is so soft and cuddly it is literally made from a lightweight baby blanket material with cooling fiberfill to keep your Belly Baby happy and comfortable. Designed to be worn over clothes in cold weather conditions if necessary.”


“Wee-Wolf” Toddler Costume

If your little girl is looking for something totally opposite of a fluffy unicorn with wings or Elsa at her coronation, this “wee-wolf” outfit might fit the bill. And, bonus points, it doubles as a pretty warm Halloween costume so you don’t have to worry about her freezing her new tail off.

The costume features a furry vest, hood, and gloves over a short-sleeved tunic shirt that looks like it was ripped apart during her werewolf transformation. Thankfully, it’ll go perfectly over a long-sleeved shirt and leggings to create the illusion of werewolf fur. A little DIY makeup and she’s ready!


Cookie Monster Costume For Babies & Toddlers

Cooookie! If your little one can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar and needs a warm Halloween costume to hit the sidewalks on All Hallow’s Eve, a Cookie Monster costume is just what the doctor ordered. This cute costume looks like it’s basically made of stuffed animal fur, and it comes with a jumpsuit with attached gloves, a plush headpiece, and fuzzy shoe covers. This one goes from 6 months up to 4T, but have no fear if your kiddo falls outside that size range. There are a few other versions on Target’s website, and some Elmo options as well.