They're Just Like Us

Like Every Mom, Hilary Duff Also Cries In The Bathroom Sometimes

This video of the actor will make you feel so seen.

The New Parents Issue

Did you ever forget to brush your teeth because you were busy getting your kids ready? Have you ever used your kids as an excuse to cancel plans or let them get away with something because it was super hilarious? Do you ever open your mouth and hear your own mom’s words come out? So has, and does, Hilary Duff. There’s absolutely no shame in her mom game.

The actor recently played a parenting edition of Never Have I Ever with team Romper, and her answers are so relatable. Duff daydreams about day drinking with her friends sometimes, keeps a running list of baby names in her phone, has stayed in her PJs all day long, and, she confesses, “Once I even went to Taco Bell instead of the gym.” (Who hasn’t done that?!) Oh, and she accidentally taught her preschooler to say “Bye, b*tches!”

Of course, she is pretty famous, so some of her parenting life is a bit removed from the norm. Instead of the Encanto soundtrack on repeat, she sings her own songs with her kids when they ask (“Often,” she says) and a Starbucks employee once wrote “Lizzie” on her cup as a joke. But when it comes down to it, Duff’s mom life is super relatable, and this video interview totally proves it.