Ride In Style With These Wheelchair Halloween Costumes

These costumes are on the move and totally amazing.

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Every child deserves to have a ghoulishly good time on Halloween. But for kids who are in wheelchairs, sometimes it can be harder for them to show off their costume creativity. And that’s when turning the wheelchair into the costume can make the night even more frighteningly fun. These wheelchair halloween costumes can transform your child into a pirate, a firefighter, a princess — or the superhero that they already are.

Sure, you could string some lights around your child’s wheelchair to make it festive (and, woot, easier to spot on a dark All Hallow’s Eve). Thing is, you can find a wheelchair halloween costume that complements the costume your kiddo is already wearing. In that way, your child will totally be the star of the trick-or-treating set… and possibly collect the most candy.

So get ready to roll right into Halloween with these cool wheelchair costumes that put your child in the driver’s seat.

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Incredibles Car Adaptive Wheelchair Cover

You already think your kid is pretty damn incredible. So let him cruise around the neighborhood in this Incredibles Car Adaptive Wheelchair Cover for Kids. Meant to mimic the car in the Disney Pixar movie, the cover comes with two felt car pieces and 22 support bars that will make for easy assembly. Let’s hope that your kiddo doesn’t zip up and down the block thinking they’re Jack Jack.


Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Adaptive Wheelchair Cover Costume

Your child will blast off to infinity and beyond with this beyond amazing Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Adaptive Wheelchair Cover Costume. After inserting support bars, the cover attaches to your child’s wheelchair via the already-included fabric straps. You never know, your kid just might get enough candy to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg!


Troll Flower Balloon Adaptive Wheelchair Cover For Kids

Whether your child is more like Queen Poppy, Branch, (or even Mr. Dinkles), they just might love the Troll Flower Balloon Adaptive Wheelchair Cover. It’s designed to look like Sheila B the Flowerface Balloon from Trolls World Tour, and comes with two felt car pieces and six support bars to keep your kiddo from floating away.


Princess Carriage Wheelchair Costume

Let your child feel like royalty when they make their entrance to the Halloween party with this Princess Carriage Wheelchair Costume. Including two side panels and two wheels, it has everything your little one needs for a night of royal adventures.


Child Wheelchair Steam Train Costume

All aboard! The steam train costume puts your child right in the conductor’s seat for Halloween. It comes with two side panels, wheels, zip ties, and hook-and-loop closures to keep your kiddo safe while he steers the train straight towards the treats.


Child Wheelchair Pirate Ship Costume

Ahoy mateys! The wheelchair pirate ship costume is meant to look like the real deal, complete with an anchor. This seaworthy costume is sure to score a lot of candy.


Child Wheelchair Fire Truck Costume

This wheelchair fire truck costume converts your kiddo’s chair into a realistic-looking fire truck, complete with flames for wheels. Whether or not you give your child a siren is entirely up to you.


Child Wheelchair Police Car Costume

Everyone will stop in the name of the law — and your child — when they wheel around in this police car costume. The panels cover the side of the wheelchair, while the hubcaps transform the wheels into a legit police car. Dress up your child like a police officer to complete the look.


Disney Princess Carriage Adaptive Wheelchair Cover Costume

All that’s missing is the glass slipper from this gorgeous Disney Princess Carriage Adaptive Wheelchair Cover Costume. It comes with two felt carriage pieces, two large and small wheel covers each, and 12 support bars to keep it looking beautiful throughout the night. With a carriage this captivating, you might want to tell your kiddo that it’s going to turn back into a pumpkin come midnight, so you’re not out until all hours trick-or-treating,


Rolling Buddies Mystery Machine Lookalike Wheelchair Costume

Got a Scooby Doo fan in your home? Then transform their wheelchair into The Mystery Machine. Complete with left and right-side costumes, it has Velcro to easily attach it to your child’s chair, and is durable enough to last well into the winter months. And when your kiddo isn’t playing with it, it can be rolled up for easy storage.


Child Wheelchair Star Wars Costume

The force will be strong with your child when they roll into their classroom’s Halloween party decked out in the Star Wars Mandalorian Wheelchair Cover Set. It comes with all the bells and whistles (literally), since the cover comes complete with light and sound effects that are battery-powered (and woot, already included). Your kiddo can control all the action via a control panel flap, making them the master of their own universe. The cover set has 12 structural ribs and detailed artwork to make your child feel like they’re blasting off into a galaxy far, far away. And, of course, there’s always Baby Yoda on the wheel covers to make the costume authentically adorable.


Fishing Boat Wheelchair Costume

Your kiddo will have a tail of a time when their wheelchair becomes a bonafide fishing boat. The wheelchair cover set comes with wheel and side covers that have hook-and-loop fasteners, making it easier to assemble. The already-included fishing hat means that your child will hopefully be reeling in a whole lot of candy come Halloween.


Mermaid Wheelchair Halloween Costume

Your child’s wheelchair becomes an ocean of possibilities when you place this adaptive mermaid wheelchair costume cover on it. It comes with everything you’ll need to make your child feel like an actual mermaid: side and back covers, wheel covers, and hook-and-loop fasteners to keep it all together. Between the colorful shells and starfish, they’ll have a mer-mazing time on Halloween.


Dragon Wheelchair Halloween Costume

So often kids’ Halloween costumes focus on the knight. But what about being the dragon? Your child will transform into fire-breathing ferocity with this fab dragon wheelchair costume. The side pieces of the costume can be moved up to keep your kiddo comfy while they’re trick-or-treating. It also comes with a headpiece — just dress your child in a green outfit for a roar-tastically fun Halloween.

When your child is in a wheelchair, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t convert their chair into part of their costume. And with costumes this awesome, your child will have the best time, whether it’s trick-or-treating, going to a Halloween party, or being with friends and family. You’ll see that their costume-covered wheelchair just might be the most magical part of Halloween after all.

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