Bath & Body Works Christmas and seasonal scents and gifts are out on shelves now.
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Bath & Body Works’ Christmas Candles Are Officially Here

And the designs are super festive.

Look, there are a lot of things that symbolize the holiday season is starting. There are frozen turkeys taking up entire freezers in the grocery store, I have a sudden urge to listen to Bing Crosby, and the shelves of Bath & Body Works are full of nostalgic, seasonal scents. There are plenty of jokes and memes out there about how the holiday season doesn’t officially start until Bath & Body Works Christmas candles are out, and honestly, I kind of have to agree.

So whether you’re a holiday purist who won’t look at a candy cane until after Thanksgiving or you think all joy is joy, no matter the calendar date (I’m with you, friend), you’ll be happy to know that the time is now: Bath & Body Works’ Christmas and holiday candles are officially online Oct. 23 and back in stores Oct. 24. Yes, before you even scrape your rotting jack-o-lantern off the front porch — before you even carve your jack-o-lantern in some cases — you can stock up on holiday and seasonal fragrances, candles, and more. (Seriously, we’ve gotta talk about the Wallflowers.)

Bath & Body Works is known for its gorgeous scents, but their candles are some of my favorites because A) their three-wick candles are large enough to last for a week or more, even if I light it every day, B) they make my whole house smell like a home in a Hallmark movie hosting some big family Christmas reunion, and C) have you ever actually looked at a Bath & Body Works candle? They’re just so pretty.

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There are a few new fragrances this year at Bath & Body Works, like the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas scent — which comes in a gorgeous jar — and smells a lot like cookies, but isn’t overly sweet. But there are also your classic favorite scents in beautiful new jars, including designs inspired by The Nutcracker on several candles, like Flannel and Fresh Balsam.

And if you need the Bath & Body Works Christmas and winter scents in vessels other than candles, there are some super cute Wallflowers out for the holidays, as well as gift sets perfect for friends, teachers, caregivers, and anybody who just deserves a little treat. (All of us.)

It’s time, friends. Go pick your new favorite seasonal Bath & Body Works scent and pair it with the perfect seasonal mom moment. Might I suggest burning Under the Christmas Tree when you finally give into the artificial tree because you were tired of trying to bribe your kids to water the real tree? And then light Sugar Plum Fairy when your Nutcracker tickets go to waste because your kids refuse to put on the matching dresses you bought them and also all of them are sneezing out something green. You can round out the night by sitting by the glow of ‘Tis the Season as you wrap presents and throw them, half-finished, under the couch every time a child comes down to ask for another glass of water.

Ah. Don’t you just love the holidays?