Goodbye Sleep

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When Do We Spring Forward In 2024?

More sunlight, yay!

You know that sweet spot in late February where you look out the window at dinnertime and realize the sun is still out? It’s pretty exciting, and it’s a sweet reminder that longer days are ahead — even if you do have to sacrifice a bit of sleep to make them happen. So when do we spring forward in 2024? Daylight Saving Time is on her way again, and she’ll last for 204 days this year before we fall back.

So prepare to lose a little bit of sleep on Sunday, March 10, 2024. At 2 a.m., clocks will spring forward, and Daylight Saving Time will officially begin. This time period will last until Sunday, Nov. 3, 2024 when Daylight Saving Time ends and we “fall back” and gain another hour for the day. I know — it’s been happening for literal decades and it still throws your brain around a bit to think about a time change.

And yes — Daylight Saving Time is still happening. Despite many bills being proposed over the years to try and get rid of the time change, nothing has actually happened. In 2022, a bill to create “permanent” Daylight Saving Time did pass the Senate, but never made it through the House. This bill would make the time — with longer days and later sunsets — we live from March through November a “permanent” change and get rid of the “standard time” we switch back to in November when Daylight Saving Time officially ends.

But until a new bill passes on through, we’ll have to keep chugging along with these time changes like we’ve done since 1966 when the Uniform Time Act was passed. Luckily, there aren’t many manual closks to change anymore, and chances are when Daylight Saving Time hits in March, your car clock will finally show the right time again.