Close up of a variety of red and white Christmas ball ornaments.

Here's When Lowe’s Will Have Christmas Decor Out in 2022

Holiday season is practically upon us.

If you have only stopped by Lowe’s for household items that aren’t exactly beautiful — think bathroom plunger — you might be surprised to know that they can be a go-to place for some great holiday decorations. While it’s still the season of witches and bats right now, you might already be jonesing for all things red and green, or blue and gold. But when will Lowe’s set out its holiday decorations in 2022? We’ve got the details.

When will holiday decor hit the Lowe’s shelves?

You’re in luck — it’s already out. A Lowe’s representative confirmed to Romper that the Christmas and other holiday decorations are already out on the shelves. While the Halloween decorations will be more prominent until that holiday passes, you’ll see plenty of Christmas stuff out now, with even more after Oct. 31. After Halloween, only Thanksgiving decor will be competing with Christmas, and that’s not quite as big a draw.

Shop Lowe’s Christmas decor online now

If you’re eager to see the offerings but can get out to the store just yet, some of these cute offerings might get you excited for decorating for the winter holidays.

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You couldn’t help but smile if you were greeted by this super-friendly face, waving at you with holiday cheer. At less than $25, this cute gingerbread person won’t break the bank, either. Unlike the gingerbread man in the fairy tale, he won’t be hard to catch if you order him now. He’s on the shelves of my local store, but you can check your own zip code before trying to find him at yours.

If you want to decorate a Christmas tree early, but don’t want a brown tree and a floor covered with pine needles come the Dec. 25, this cute pairing of fresh trees could be great. There’s enough room to decorate them a bit, but they won’t take up all the ornaments if they’re just a precursor to your main tree. Or if, like me, you just live in an apartment where space is at a premium, these could be a great alternative to a giant tree that takes up too much space.

Their online offerings are endless, and they particularly shine with their yard decor. Maybe this holiday season, your yard will be the one that everyone stops to admire. Happy holidays!