Holiday Shopping

Michaels hobby craft art store.
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Michaels Already Has Lots Of Holiday Decorations On The Shelves

Christmas crafting, anyone?

It’s still October, so it’s right to assume that most retailers are fully in the throes of the Halloween product push. But, let’s not forget that the winter holidays are just around the corner and you can bet the second the last candy corn has been consumed on October 31, loads of holiday stuff will hit the shelves. That’s true at Michaels. The craft giant tells Romper that while it currently has Christmas ornaments on the floor of many of its shops, the next few weeks are prime time to start grabbing holiday goodies by the handfuls.

Each store is different, especially given the supply chain crisis due to the ongoing pandemic. That means that some Michaels stores might have more holiday gear on its shelves then others. That said, the holiday roll out has begun and even if you can only find a few items this week, know that next week will in all likelihood be different.

And if you can’t wait another week, take heart. Michaels’ website is chock full of seasonal items ready for you to buy. Want to send your niece an advent calendar? Michaels has them. Ready to start collecting your own Lemax Christmas Village figurines? Shop Eager to invest in new Christmas cookie stamps? Michaels is here for you.

But it’s not all Christmas stuff at Michaels. They also have Hanukkah platters, Kwanzaa stickers, and plenty of other agnostic decorative items so you can celebrate the season any way you choose.

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Plus, did we mention Michaels is a great secret spot to shop for toys? Head to the back of the store for a variety of great toy items, many of them STEM or arts related, to give the kids in your life something a little different this holiday season.