Whole Foods' Easter store hours might affect your planning.
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Everything To Know About Whole Foods’ Easter Sunday Hours This Year

The whole store is basically a basket of treats.

For those who would fit right into the “Finer Things Club” on The Office — or if you just love high-quality produce, meats, and dry goods — your favorite grocery store might be Whole Foods. And when it comes to planning an Easter feast, you’re definitely not going to skimp on quality then. But what if you space and forget to grab those Easter brunch/lunch/dinner essentials? Is Whole Foods open on Easter?

Don’t fret, whether you’re planning to splurge for the main event or just do your regular grocery shopping, you’ll be happy to know that your favorite spiral ham and organic baking supplies will be available on Easter Sunday for any last-minute dishes.

Per Delish, not only is Whole Foods open on Easter, but other grocery stores are open as well, including Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Giant, Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons, and ShopRite, among others.

Thankfully, if you do indeed space and need to run to your favorite store to grab last-minute items, or even ingredients for all the special meals, Whole Foods has you covered with some Easter deals, particularly if you’re also an Amazon Prime member where you can save an additional 10% off sale prices.

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Need some spring cheeses for a charcuterie board for an Easter Sunday feast? The cheese and their parings are 20% off the week of March 24 through the 30. Whole Foods also has some delicious, high-quality meats, and you can get animal welfare certified boneless sirloin steaks (if you’re not into ham) for your Easter Sunday meal at $7.99 a pound, and the organic asparagus to go with it at $3.49 a pound.

If you do want to partake in the ham this year, Whole Foods has their animal welfare certified Wellshire Bone-in Spiral-Cut Ham for $4.99 a pound. And if you need to save up to pay top dollar for the delicious high-quality food that Whole Foods provides, thankfully you have up through Easter Sunday to obtain ingredients.