How To Throw A “Wild 1” Birthday Party

Lions, and tigers, and 1-year-olds, oh my!

How To Throw An Epic Kids Birthday Party
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Your baby is officially a wild one — and it’s time to celebrate. It’s the perfect party theme for any brand-new 12-month-old who can’t sit still. Different color schemes, showcasing different wild “animals,” or even going deep with a “wildflower” theme for a Wild One birthday party are all options. For this party planning guide, we’re going to focus on the jungle or safari-inspired Wild One birthday party.

Wild One Birthday Party Invitations

A safari/jungle theme is surprisingly adaptable in terms of color palette and tone. If you want bright and colorful, you can pick an invitation with a more cartoon-y look, or you can go for something with more neutrals. If you (or your baby) has a favorite animal, feature that more prominently instead — like an invitation with just a lion or one covered in giraffes.

Wild One Birthday Party Decorations

Animal-shaped balloons and fun “party animal”-themed items abound, so you have options. I especially love for a first birthday having a little countdown of the months so you can watch your baby grow with one big banner, and anything that mixes in cheetah print, bright leaves, and giraffes wearing hats is an absolute win.

Wild One Birthday Party Favors & Activities

So for a 1-year-old’s birthday, the trick is to keep things low-key and easy. The party is really for you — a celebration of raising a baby for a year and a celebration for your little one and all the growing they’ve done. But if you have some toddlers or older kids as guests, it helps to have a few easy party activities. Think bubbles, build-a-face sticker sheets, and even Play-Doh. Tiny stuffed safari animals make for both adorable decorations and the sweetest little favors.

Wild One Birthday Party Cake & Treats

Cookies and cupcakes and animal crackers, oh my! You can really go wild (I’m sorry) with treats and a birthday cake for your baby’s Wild One birthday party. I love the Wilton decorating kit included here to make little critters either for topping a cake or for a fun treat and dessert display. And any kind of cake topper that includes an animal wearing a birthday hat is fine by me. The individual boxes of animal crackers work really well as both a snack and a favor.

Wild One Birthday Party Outfits & Accessories

If you’re really invested in choosing an outfit your little one will wear over and over again, think animal prints and patterns, and then just add your favorite party hat, bow, or crown to really make it a birthday look. But if you’re a family that loves personalization, then there are tons of custom options available as well.

One of the things I love most about a Wild One birthday party is that it feels like a sweet nod to all of those nurseries designed around elephants or giraffes or lions. It’s such a fun, playful vibe, and all of that energy gets put right back into their first birthday — when they start to realize that they’re the actual king (or queen) of the jungle.