These women's Halloween costumes are so good.
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15 Scary Good Women’s Halloween Costumes

Because this year, you’re gonna get your ghoul on.

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Once a year, Halloween costumes give you the chance to transform into someone — or something — else. If you want to be a scarecrow, a pineapple, a disco diva, or a fierce superhero, you absolutely can. From spooky to hot, creepy, and even cozy, there’s a women’s Halloween costume out there for whatever vibe you want to give off on October 31.

I have an adorable Halloween t-shirt featuring Donald Duck dressed as Mickey Mouse that I absolutely love. I usually wear this same old tee paired with black leggings (or shorts, because Texas weather) for our annual trick-or-treat jaunt and call it done. Is it easy? Yes. Festive? Sure. But does it really get me or my kids into the Halloween spirit like a costume would? Not so much.

When it’s time to shop for Halloween costumes, I usually place my focus firmly on my kids and put my own costume shopping way on the back burner. Not this year. This year, I want a real costume and the ones on this list are definitely in the running. If you, like me, are on the hunt for something fitting (or frightening) to wear on Halloween night, read on to see if any of these costumes for women jump out at you.

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Women’s Jack Skellington Halloween Costume

This is Halloween. (Everybody make a scene!) Be as creepy cool as the Pumpkin King himself in this Jack Skellington Halloween costume for women from Target. The costume includes a tulle skirt dress topped with a velvet half jacket and bowtie-adorned fingerless gloves to complete the look. Just like Jack Skellington’s own attire, this costume is covered in pinstripes and features a skeletal bat instead of a collar or traditional bow tie at the top of the suit dress. This feminine twist on the classic costume pairs perfectly with haunting makeup in black and white hues or a pair of fishnet tights with heels to dress it all up.


Pineapple Zip Onesie Halloween Costume

Stand tall, wear a crown, and be extra cozy in this adorable pineapple onesie costume from Tipsy Elves. The best Halloween costumes are the ones that you can just throw on and be comfortable in all night long. Even if you’re chasing a toddler down the street, pushing a double stroller, and still trying to snag handfuls of candy for yourself while trick-or-treating, this functional costume lets you move with ease. And if you have older kids, the spiked top of the hood and the fact that you’re pretty much wearing pajamas around the neighborhood is sure to create the most embarrassing Halloween memory that they can remember for years to come.


Glamorous Disco Adult Halloween Costume

If you’re the kind of person who will use any excuse to wear a gold lame jumpsuit, Halloween 2021 is exactly the reason you need to don this flashy getup. Included with your purchase is the one-piece, sleeveless jumpsuit with a sequined belt. You can complete your disco queen look with your own set of bangle bracelets, giant sunglasses, and sky-high heels. (If you’re trick-or-treating though, a pair of flats might be easier to walk in.) Then, set your hair full of Farrah Fawcett-worthy flips and waves and head off into the night with the theme to Saturday Night Fever playing on a loop in your mind.


Pizza Planet T-Shirt Halloween Costume

If you want to match your kiddos and their adorable Buzz, Woody, Jessie, or Bo Peep Toy Story Halloween costumes, this Pizza Planet t-shirt and hat combo is perhaps the easiest way to do it. Pair them with some yoga pants for an absolutely comfy and easy costume. When my oldest son was a toddler and dressed as Woody for Halloween, I considered dressing up as Andy’s mom, but decided that it would be too similar to my everyday look for people to take it seriously as a costume. Oh how I wish this fun tee and hat combo would have existed (or that I would have been aware of it) back then.


Women’s Beetlejuice Costume Dress

This officially licensed Beetlejuice costume for women puts a decidedly feminine twist on the main character’s iconic striped suit. The short-sleeved polyester costume includes the black and white striped dress with purple tulle accents, silky black tie, white and black knee-high socks, striped twist headband, and pins to attach to the dress’ lapel. Also available in standard sizes, this adorable costume dress is just made for fans of the Tim Burton classic. Clearly, your kids are going to say your name more than three times while you’re out trick-or-treating, but maybe dressed as Beetlejuice, you can convince them not to.


Adult Stitch Onesie Costume

Ohana means family and family means that every mom who loves Lilo and Stitch gets to wear this ridiculously fun Stitch costume for Halloween. This soft, oversized onesie looks like it would be just perfect for a really chilly October 31 when your kids want to knock on every last door in your neighborhood looking for the house with the full-sized candy bars. The hood features an embroidered version of Stitch’s nose and eyes with foam 3D ears and the long-sleeved jumpsuit is made from polyester. Part of the Lilo and Stitch family costume collection at the Disney Store, your entire family can don adorable costumes from the movie this Halloween season.


Rosie The Riveter Halloween Costume

Be the most powerful lady on your block this Halloween in this Rosie the Riveter costume for women from Party City. From head to toe, this costume has every single detail you could ask for — a red and white polka dot headband, red belt with a hook and loop closure, metal buttons on a denim jumpsuit, and a classic red and white name tag that has “Rosie” embroidered on it. Simply add your favorite pair of work boots to the look, don your favorite red lipstick, roll up your sleeves, and you’re ready to tackle whatever comes your way on October 31.


Moonlight Witch Halloween Costume

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get into the spooky spirit of the season, dressing up as a witch on Halloween may be old hat. But you can put a new spin on this classic costume choice with Target’s Navy Moonlight Witch Halloween costume this year. I just love how flowy and sparkly this witch costume is. Where so many witch costumes are dark and brooding, this one has a more mystical air about it. The golden moon and stars that cover the velvety dark blue background will shimmer and shine all night long on October 31.


Women’s Ghostbusters Costume

This Halloween, who you gonna call when you need a fun costume to wear? Thanks to Amazon, you can have this deluxe Ghostbusters costume shipped straight to your door so you’re ready to trick-or-treat (or blast some ghouls and goblins) on October 31. Made from 100% polyester, this movie replica costume features a full zipper closure on a tan jumpsuit that features orange detailing, Ghostbusters sleeve patches, four interchangeable name tags, and an inflatable proton blaster backpack. Best of all, with this costume, you can definitely chase your kids around the block to scare the pants off of them this spooky season.


Adult Pink Ladies Costume

There’s just something about Halloween that makes me want to dress up in classic attire from decades past — the ‘50s specifically. (Who doesn’t want to wear a poodle skirt at least once in their lives, right?) If you want to embody the spirit of the Pink Ladies from the movie Grease, this Halloween costume combo from Target is just perfect. The costume comes with a pink silky jacket, four interchangeable name tags, a neck scarf, and tight-fitting black leggings. Pair with your favorite pair of black heels and rock a high ponytail to look just like Rizzo, Sandy, Jan, Marty, or Frenchy this Halloween.


Adult Avocado Halloween Costume Onesie

Whoever started the trend of wearing giant, cozy onesies on Halloween is my personal hero. You can be the envy of all the avocado-loving moms in the neighborhood in this comfy food-themed Halloween costume this year. The one-piece costume is made from a soft plush material in dark green with circular areas in the center of light green and brown to symbolize the interior of an avocado. The hood of the costume even has stem and leaf details to complete the look. Best of all, this avocado costume is unisex fit, so dads can get in on the fun as well.


Mouse T-Shirt Halloween Costume For Women

If you can’t take a basic t-shirt and turn it into a hilarious Halloween costume, are you even a mom? Thanks to Branch Out Collection on Etsy, you can make the most of a basic t-shirt costume with this adorable tee that has the iconic Mean Girls line “I’m a mouse, duh” on it. Thanks to the graphic print mouse ears already on the shirt, you don’t even have to dig in your kid’s dress up box for ears this year. Other millennials will laugh and (accurately) call you Karen, your kids will roll their eyes, and you’ll get to wear the easiest costume ever on October 31 — everyone wins. (Bonus points if you slap a sparkly backwards “K” on your chest.)


Women’s Creepy Scarecrow Costume

If you have a troupe of lions, and tigers, and bears to keep up with on Halloween, this creepy scarecrow costume could certainly be a scary way to accompany them. The costume includes a tunic top with patchwork embellishments that can be worn over tights (not included), a rope belt, a collar that drapes over the shoulders, a pointed hat with rope and patchwork detailing, and a plastic scythe. Pair the costume with some boots or flats and you’re ready to wreak havoc on the neighborhood. Also available in plus sizes, you can have a hauntingly good time wearing this costume on October 31.


Light Up Captain Marvel Costume For Women

Is there a better superhero to dress up as this Halloween than Captain Marvel? She’s daring, cheeky, super smart, and absolutely isn’t afraid to take charge in a crisis — just like you. With this light-up Captain Marvel costume from Party City, you can save the day (or just save some candy for yourself) and be your kid’s hero this Halloween. The officially licensed costume features a red and blue one-piece jumpsuit with hook and loop closure, gold detailing, and a battery-operated star on the chest that lights up when pressed. To complete the look, swipe on some red lipstick and get ready to light up the night.


Women’s Mary Poppins Costume

You already know that you’re practically perfect in every way, but you can let the whole world in on your perfection with this adorable Mary Poppins costume. The officially licensed costume includes the character’s classic blue dress with white piping and the illusion of a white collared top with a red bow tie underneath, as well as a flattened wicker top hat with floral details. Add a black umbrella, white tights, and a pair of Mary Janes to complete this Halloween look. If you can score a carpet bag full of magical essentials that help you keep up with your kids while you’re out trick-or-treating, even better.

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