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This Year's Horoscope Calls You To Write Your Own Story, Aries

It's all about making connections and taking charge.

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After the insane year that 2020 has been, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little insight into what the New Year holds? That’s when astrology can unlock some doors and offer insight into almost all areas of your future. If you’re an Aries, you might be wondering how the New Year will be different from 2020 — and for goodness sake, it better be. So get ready, Ram, because this is your Aries 2021 horoscope, according to astrologers.


If you’re as single as a Pringle, you might not be for long, says Stephanie Gailing, a wellness astrologer and author of The Complete Book of Dreams. In fact, your love interest is probably going to be right before your very eyes — literally. “If you’re looking for love, don’t be surprised if you discover prospective candidates right in your neighborhood,” says Gailing. So keep your eyes open for potential partners as you go about your day — after all, you never know if you’re going to meet someone at the park, playground, or even somewhere as simple as your local supermarket. And if you’re happily coupled, you might decide to take a shared passion and put some purpose to it. “Find a cause for which you both can work — it may not only do wonders for the world but for your love life as well,” she says.


With the national unemployment rate hovering around 6.7% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s more important than ever to assess your budget… in dollars and cents. But even if you’re gainfully employed, 2021 is the time to take stock (ha) of your financial house and see about making some money moves. In addition to paying down debt, Gailing also suggests using tech to your advantage. “Consider ways that technology can provide you with more efficient ways to track your spending; explore apps that streamline banking, money management and/or monthly budgeting,” she says. “Find new ways to share your unique skills and talents with others — it may expand your earning power.”


Although 2020 felt like the year of isolation, come 2021, it’s all about friends, family, and community once again. As you rejoin the real world, think about ways to build better bonds," advises Gailing. “Join groups or get involved with community projects,” she advises. “Not only will you make new friendships, or deepen existing ones, but you may also meet that special someone that way.” Sarah James Carter, an astrologer, tells Romper in an email: “With Jupiter and Saturn joining in your communal eleventh house, themes of groups or networks of people will be re-occurring.” Maybe it’s a quick get-away with your BFF, or even starting a Mommy & Me group in your area. You might even want to create a community project to build stronger bonds with your neighbors. No matter what you choose, this is your time to make meaningful relationships and explore new adventures.

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Career/Professional Goals

As 2020 comes to a close, you’ve learned where to find the most TP, work remotely if your job allowed it — and definitely have become a Zoom queen. But most of all, you might have finished off the year with a more determined sense of what’s working for you—and what’s not—professionally. Says Gailing: “You’ve likely emerged from 2020 with more clarity as to how to best pursue your ideal career path; after all, last year was one in which that area of your life was under the microscope.” Now it’s time to take that knowledge and reshape your professional goals for 2021. “You may also find that your career possibilities soar through joining together with like-minded individuals and working on collective projects,” she says.

“2021 brings plenty of opportunity for an Aries mom to thrive and set sail on a new venture,” says Carter. “With Jupiter dancing with Saturn in your tech-savvy eleventh house, this may be a good time to try something new and untraditional.” You might also try stepping up at work and ask for a greater leadership role, or try to land that well-deserved promotion. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own biz (but 2020 scared you off), this might be the year to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to fruition.


Thought that 2020 was the last time you were going to have to Zoom? Think again. The sudden tech immersion that families everywhere had to experience will (womp womp) continue well into 2021, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to the emotional, physical, and mental needs of your child. “Check in with them regularly to see how it’s going, and try to customize their learning pace and approach as much as you can to meet their individual needs,” says Gailing. “Find analog — including outdoor —activities through which they can learn.”

This is particularly the case if your kiddo is also an Aries. “An Aries child is most likely extremely stir-crazy nearly a year into quarantine,” says Carter. “They are busting at the seems with energy and it’s important to let that energy out in healthy ways instead of keeping inside or exploding violently outward.” Your social butterfly is definitely missing their friends, so make sure to build in lots of community and friendship time, whether that’s a safe and socially distanced playdate or even virtual visits for at least the first part of the year. And don’t be surprised if your child suddenly shows an interest in something new, so be sure to foster those budding interests.

As an independent and strong Aries, your 2021 horoscope is brimming with possibilities in all areas. You’ll find new adventures, potential love (or the reawakening of old love), and a desire to connect with others like never before. All this will come together to make 2021 a wonderful year for you, as you dive deeper into who you are and, truly, who you’re meant to be.

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