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You're In For A Record-Setting Year In 2021, Sagittarius

Get ready to take aim at the New Year, because it's all within your reach.

Whether you’re an avid astrology fan or someone who scopes out their horoscope once in a blue moon, 2020 might have made you realize that it’s good to know what’s coming. And what better heads-up could you have than knowing what’s in the stars for 2021? From love and romance, to work and parenting, hopefully you can ring in the New Year with high hopes for the future... because Sagittarius, this is your year to shine. So if you’re an Archer, get ready to take aim at the New Year with this Sagittarius 2021 horoscope.


In 2021, you’re about to enter into the most important relationship of your life — with yourself. This is the year when you’ll do a deep dive into what you want — and what you don’t — in a partner, astrologer Sarah James Carter tells Romper in an email. “Whether you’re single or in partnership, with that karmic South Node in Sagittarius throughout the year, it will be a time to really go inward,” says Carter. “This is an opportunity to identify your wants and needs, and most importantly, to learn to love yourself first.” An important date to mark on the calendar is June 10, according to Carter, when there will be a solar eclipse in Gemini which might reignite a spark in your current relationship — or bring the beginnings of a new one.

Overall, though, don’t be afraid to fill your life with romance, advises Stephanie Gailing, a wellness astrologer and author of The Complete Book of Dreams. “You can discover deeper levels of love through your partnerships this year,” says Gailing in an email to Romper. “Leave behind any stories that you tell yourself that you don’t want to be showered with attention or made to feel special.”


Although almost everyone tightened their money belt during 2020, financial concerns really affected you, Sagittarius. “This past year was especially rough on Sagittarian moms with the Capricornian activations hitting home in the second house of material resources,” explains Carter. If you haven’t already, you should start setting money aside for a rainy day — or, more likely, if you need to fix that furnace.

But it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to money matters, says Gailing, particularly as you head into the New Year. “These hard-won lessons could actually have you feeling more optimistic about your money,” she says. “Take this know-how into 2021 to amplify your sense of worth.”


Honesty and staying true to yourself are at the core of all your relationships in 2021. And while you might crave the emotional intimacy that may have been lacking in 2020, be sure not to burn yourself out either moving forward, advises Carter. “Protect your energy this year and be wary of spreading yourself too thin,” she says. “With your ruling planet Jupiter dancing through Aquarius, you may be inclined to say ‘yes’ to all the things.”

But if you thought that your relationships were going to only be of the romantic sort, think again. “It’s a year not just for romantic alliances, but you’ve also got amazing opportunities to discover more enriching connections with friends, siblings, and even your neighbors,” says Gailing. Once you learn the delicate balance of developing deep relationships without losing yourself, be mindful that certain times of the year might be more intense than others. Says Carter: “Jupiter will make a brief tour through Pisces this summer (May 13-July 28) and this may be a supportive time to get real with your loved ones.”

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Career/Professional Goals

Sagittarius is going to evolve not just personally, but professionally as well come 2021. In fact, it’s all about being open to changing and exploring new things, like a potential career pivot. “The path to career development this year comes through continually being open-minded about your approach to work; don’t stay in the same lane for sentimentality’s sake or because you believe that there’s nothing else you can do,” advises Gailing. Look for ways to take your knowledge and apply it in new and exciting ways. You might decide to go back to school, or even pursue a passion professionally in an attempt to bring you towards your truest self.


Parenting during a pandemic wasn’t easy for anyone, but the always-energetic Sag moms tried their mightiest to make it work. “2020 was an especially challenging year for little ones and it may have had you figuring out new ways to go to battle for your kids,” says Gailing. “You emerged with important wisdom — and the role of the mom-warrior — which you can further put into place for helping them navigate their lives in 2021.” If you have a Sag child, 2021 will surely see scholarly success, due in great part to your extraordinary efforts to help them study at home.

For the most part, though, your kiddo is probably counting down the days until they can be back at school and with friends again. “It may have been particularly challenging at times as Sagittarian children can become exceptionally bored very easily,” admits Carter. “2021 will exacerbate this with their ruling planet of Jupiter jumping between Aquarius and Pisces this year.” To help your social little Archer feel fulfilled, try to enroll them in activities where they can be with other kids (even online play dates or clubs would be beneficial). It would be beneficial to get your Sag child plugged into some online clubs or if under quarantine-pacts, plan plenty of play-dates with the next-door neighbor.

For Sagittarius, 2021 promises to be full of unexpected and exciting adventures. But none will be as magical (or eye-opening) as the connections you create with others, and most importantly, yourself.