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Steal One Of These Ideas For Your Kid's 100 Days Of Kindergarten Poster

Kids celebrate a ton of holidays and milestones during those early elementary years, and sometimes parents are tapped to help out. Luckily, if you need inspiration, there are so many 100 days of Kindergarten poster ideas that you can whip up at the last minute. Here's how to help your kid create a clever, fun poster without too much stress, although you might burn through a glue stick or two in the process. Hey, 100 things is a lot of things, after all.

Plenty of elementary teachers recognize the 100th day of school with special celebrations and projects. For most school calendars, this occurs during the first part of the year, and sometimes the 100th day of school falls on Valentine's Day for one big party. This cool accomplishment for kids can come with a bit of homework for parents in the form of a poster with 100 things on it. If you're a bit pressed for time, or someone who doesn't love craft projects, though, this assignment can feel more like work. To avoid any 100-day meltdowns from you or the kiddo, here's a handful of simple 100 Days Of Kindergarten poster ideas you can probably create with things you already have on hand in the house.


Places To Visit

Think globally for this poster. Take a cue from Richland Upper Elementary and make a list of 100 places your kid would like to visit one day. Feel free to include some fictional spots as well, because honestly Narnia would make a great vacay spot.



Sure, this craft works well with a whole class of kids, as St. Cornelius School shows. But your child can create a similar poster with 100 prints of their own hand. Feel free to use different paint colors, glitter, and other special effects.



Do you have a bucket of bugs on hand? Twitter user Edith Miranda shared a cool version of the 100 days poster featuring a whole host of little creatures. Any similar small toy could work as well.


Little Pom-Poms

Some schools opt for t-shirts for their 100 days celebrations, but you can use the same idea for a poster. In this case, Twitter user Rob Robledo made a cool gumball machine with 100 pom-poms.



Follow Twitter user Ghada Fahed's lead and use photos for your kid's 100 things poster. Maybe it's pics related to subjects your kid has studied over the past weeks, or maybe it's just 100 shots of your kid making silly faces. Either way, it's a creative way to approach the project.


Google Eyes

OK, this might be the silliest option of all, and I love it so much. Add 100 google eyes to your kid's poster to make a monster face, like teacher and Twitter user Mrs. Chhina here. It's guaranteed to generate some laughs.



If you have a kindergartner, then there are likely plenty of sticker books on hand already. Make a big sticker collage with your kid, having fun with the subjects and sizes.



Do you have an old card collection laying around? Put them to good use like Twitter user Zack Mccoury here. Even an old deck of Pokemon cards could make an amazing poster display.


Craft Store Gems

If you have time for a craft store run, then consider making a poster with 100 stick-on gems. It's a fast and eye-catching way to hit the 100 things goal.


A Little Bit Of Everything

Make it random. Like Twitter user mrs.arnold, add a bunch of tiny toys, stickers, buttons, office supplies, and anything else you can find around the house for the 100 days of school poster. It's a fun, mesmerizing way to commemorate this milestone in your kid's school career.