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10 Actually Funny Halloween Costumes For 2017 That Will Lock In Some LOLs

Halloween costumes tend to fall into three categories: scary, sexy, or funny. The first two categories are usually well-represented, but I feel like there's always room for more silly costumes in the world. Fortunately, there are tons of actually funny Halloween costumes that are on trend and guaranteed to make your friends and family crack a smile. Both kids and adults can enjoy the holiday in a silly costume.

Despite the year's many tragedies and struggles, there are still many lighthearted things to laugh about in 2017. (Sometimes laughter is the only response, right?) Plenty of topical costumes have made the list, including certain double-meaning emojis and the ubiquitous fidget spinner. But every Halloween also brings a fresh crop of weird and funny costumes that are great in their own right, so I've included several of those as well. I mean, a person getting a piggyback ride from a gnome is pretty bizarre and hilarious, right?

Plus, these costumes also neatly sidestep the controversies that some costumes kick up every Halloween. Seriously: dressing as a sexy border patrol agent or pregnant Kylie Jenner is pretty insensitive, as noted by the website for People. There are so many other ways to wear a funny costume that don't rely on insulting or belittling anyone. Check out these looks for inspiration, and let them inspire you to create a hilarious Halloween costume all your own.



You can use this costume to make jokes about avocado toast, or simply to celebrate everyone's favorite guacamole ingredient. The adult avocado costume ($50, Halloween Express) is wholesome and silly. Do prepare yourself for fruit versus vegetable debates all evening, however.



It's perfect, really. To many people, the adult eggplant costume ($70, Halloween Costumes) just shows your love for the purple vegetable. Of course, the more emoji-savvy people you know will burst into laughter. Add in some purple gloves ($5, Halloween Costumes) and a long wavy purple wig ($15, Halloween Costumes) to complete the ensemble.


Fidget Spinner Costume

What's more 2017 than a fidget spinner? This adult and child fidget spinner costume ($40, Halloween Express) actually spins, so you will be entertained all Halloween night. Add in a fidget spinner beanie ($7, Amazon) to really complete the look.


Easy Cat Costume

Are you not super into playing dress-up? That's cool. A meow I'm a cat shirt ($17, Amazon) gets the point across. For a little extra effort, put on the latex cat head mask ($15, Amazon). It's equal parts funny and creepy.


Mini Groot

Even if you aren't a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, this costume is equally adorable and hilarious. A Groot toddler costume ($70, Halloween Costumes) will transform your tot into a Flora Colossus in no time. The bark hood really puts the finishing touch on this ensemble.


#Basic Witch

Reclaim the word "basic" this Halloween. Start with a basic witch shirt ($14, Etsy) and add a long black skirt ($23+, Amazon). Top it all off with a satin witch hat ($6, Halloween Express) and you're all set to rule the holiday.


Sharknado Costume

Wear this costume in honor of Sharknado 5: Global Swarming. Yes, there are five Sharknado movies, the most recent of which came out this year. At any rate, the adult Sharknado tornado costume ($69, Halloween Express) will sweep you away.


Gnome Piggyback Costume

There are loads of these "ride-on" costumes available, but something about the gnome one completely cracks me up. The adult gnome piggyback costume ($63, Halloween Express) is just gloriously silly, and almost certain to make everyone around you burst out laughing. And there seems to be a new crop of gnome obsessives every year.


Lawn Flamingos

For a group costume, why not dress as a flock of flamingos as a nod to all the pink birds that were popping up in pools and on lawns on summer long? Get an inflatable flamingo costume ($40, Amazon) and practice balancing on one foot. Bonus: have a friend dress in the gnome piggyback costume pictured above to go as a collection of lawn ornaments.


Snapchat Star

Celebrate your longest Snapstreak this Halloween. The dog filter mask ($36, Yandy) and a snapchat video shirt ($19, Etsy) convey your love for the popular messaging app. Just be on the lookout for dancing hot dogs.

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