10 Babies Dressed Like Jon Snow Who Will Melt Your Cold Heart

It’s common knowledge that miniature versions of things are far cuter than their full-sized counterparts. You know, like how cupcakes are better than regular cakes, those popular tiny cooking videos are more adorable than the normal ones, and, obviously, babies are infinitely more adorable than everyone else. So naturally, dressing up babies like pint-sized TV show characters is a thing now. And of course it is. Babies dressed up as mini versions of full-grown people is the best thing to happen to this planet. I fully stand by that statement. Especially when it comes to the babies decked out in Jon Snow costumes who are taking the internet by storm. I mean, just look at those tiny faces with facial hair. I can’t handle the cuteness.

Honestly, these little GoT fans in the making are playing the ultimate game of dress-up. I’m not even a die hard Game of Thrones fan, and I can still appreciate the glory of this internet movement. With Halloween approaching and so many adorable kids’ costumes available, I am holding out hope that a vast majority of kiddos I encounter will be little Jon Snows. I hope these adorable babies will help tide you over until the show returns... or until an HBO spinoff premieres. For now, jut thank these people for dressing up their babies as the King of the North.

Brace yourself: Cuteness is coming.

(Just a warning, there are a few spoilers below so if you're not all caught up, read on at your own risk.)

The Fearless Leader and His Hound

Complete with his very own ferocious-looking version of Snow's dog Ghost, this little guy's fierce expression just proves that he is ready to take the Iron Throne. Kit Harrington, take notes.

The Northman Nugget

Just look at this tot's cheeks! She and her little pooch are far too snuggly to intimidate anyone in battle, just like the real-life dog that plays Sansa's dire wolf. Did you know that after Lady was killed off, the actress who plays Sansa, Sophie Turner, adopted the out-of-work dog? All together now: awwww.

The Smiliest Snow

This little guy's mama went all in on her son's first Halloween costume last year, even sculpting the sword handle herself from clay. It clearly paid off. Extra points for craftiness and that big old smile.

The Nap's Watch

This drowsy diva has no idea that her mom, Laura Izumikawa, has taken to dressing her up while she naps. The Instagram account documenting little Joey's many looks has taken off, and the book chronicling Joey's dreamland adventures, Naptime with Joey, just came out on October 3. Unbearably cute.

The King of the Naps

Another snoozing Snow rocks his crafty costume. Although the show's budget is reportedly $10 million per episode, Game of Thrones costume designers also have some surprising tricks to save money. The huge furry capes that many of the Westeros inhabitants wear are actually just rugs from Ikea!

The Scaled-Down Snow

Photographer Erica Webb's son celebrated his first birthday in style with a GoT-themed party. He even has the whole "gazing off into the distance dramatically" thing nailed already. Gotta start 'em young.

The Littlest Lord Commander

With a birth announcement like this, this little guy was born to love GoT! I'd like to think that if Jon and Daenerys do have a baby next season, as some fans hypothesize, this is exactly what their announcement would look like too.

The Pint-Sized Royal

Why use your sword for fighting when it's clearly better suited for teething? It's such a multi-purpose tool. Cersei, just make sure you don't let your little tyke do the same with yours.

The Watchful Youngster

This brave commander is ready to protect his kingdom from his perch on the Iron Throne. Is this little Jon Snow foreshadowing who wins the throne in the end? He knows that when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.

The Coziest King

Kit Harrington could learn a few things from this little one's expressive face. I think we may have a future actor on our hands.

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