10 Adorable DIY Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Throw Together In Minutes

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Baby costumes can get expensive. Instead of paying $50 for something baby will only wear once, think of DIY baby Halloween costumes you can totally make yourself. Even if you don't know how to sew, you can throw together a fun look with some felt, fabric glue, and a little bit of elbow grease. Let your imagination run wild.

And if your imagination is a little worn out from running around like crazy preparing for Halloween while also caring for your little one, here is a handy list of super easy baby Halloween costumes that you can put together. Even if you're not a very crafty person, there are also a ton of DIY Halloween blogs to help you through the process, as found on Spooky Little Halloween. Whether you're looking for a classic farmer look or a character inspired from a movie, you'll be able to create any of these costumes easily and quickly. You can even recreate some of the newer Disney characters without spending your entire budget.

Better still, these easy homemade baby Halloween costumes can grow into a theme for the entire family. If your little one is Old MacDonald, the rest of the family can dress as farm animals to create a cohesive look. Happy creating.


Boss Baby


Get your little guy looking sharp with an adorable tiny suit or piece it together yourself with pieces you already own. Then all you need is a briefcase for the hilarious photos and Boss Baby's signature smirk. This costume is not particularly budget-friendly. But like Boss Baby might say, it takes money to make money (candy?).


Super Baby

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Mario & Luigi

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With this costume, you can match with your baby or use it as the perfect ensemble if you have twins. It's great because you can use some things you might already have. You'll need jean overalls (like the ones used for the farmer costume above), a red or green onesie, and red or green baseball hats. Adhere circles of white felt to each of the hats and draw an M on the red one and an L on the green one. Use eyeliner to draw on mustaches.


Baby Cow

Not sorry because this is udder cuteness. Follow Make It & Love It's tutorial to DIY this adorable costume made from a white onesie, black felt ($8, Amazon) for the spots, pink felt ($5, Joann Fabric) for the udder base, and four bottle nipples.


Kitty Cat


A cat costume is an adorable go-to for any age, but a baby dressed as a kitten is some next level cuteness. Plus it doesn't take much to throw together. Just dress them in a black onesie and leggings or tights and make or buy ears and a tail — bonus points for painted whiskers.


Sheriff Woody


Pair this convenient collection of accessories with a yellow onesie or button down and jeans and you're good to go. Dress the entire family in a Toy Story theme for an easy group costume.


'Where The Wild Things Are'

Kimberly at A Night Owl has a DIY Where the Wild Things Are costume you can make for $30. It's more glue-heavy, so you won't needs tons of sewing skills to pull it off. Adorable!


Princess Leia


Hollow Tree Ventures has an easy version of Princess Leia, and all you need is scissors, a pair of tights, a needle and thread, and a child-sized T-shirt. If you're not a fan of the Leia hair, you can take some brown yarn and make a wig of sorts on your own, too. You can also do a crochet wig, like All Things Belle.



OK, this is kind of cheating, but if you want that adorable DIY look but seriously do not have the time, for $25 you can have any costume custom crocheted from Moma B Crochet. Her reviews are five-star, and she can do anything from this adorable Pokemon Snorlax costume to Thing 1 and Thing 2.

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