These 7 'The Office' Baby Halloween Costumes Deserve All The Dundies

Your baby has to dress as a cute and cuddly animal for Halloween, right? False! They do not. If you want to dress your baby like one of the iconic characters from arguably the best television show ever, these seven The Office baby Halloween costumes are absolutely precious. It may be trendy to turn your baby into a sloth or a unicorn, but while trends typically fade over the course time, The Office is forever. (Or, at least The Office re-runs seem to be.)

While these character looks stand out all on their own, if you feel like your neighbors might have a hard time deciphering an Angela from a Pam, you can always stick a name tag with the character's name right on your baby. There are even several The Office name tags available for purchase on Etsy to complete your baby's costume. You could add a Dundie award for your baby's tiny little fist to grasp with pride depending on which character you choose — Phyllis won plenty of them, for instance. No matter which character you choose, dressing your baby as a character from The Office for Halloween might even earn you your very own Dundie award because it's just that awesome — and because Michael gives everyone gets a Dundie.


Michael Scott

Let's start with the boss of all bosses, Michael Scott. To help your baby look just like the "World's Best Boss" all you need is a little imagination, and a whole lot of awkward. Your baby may be too young to understand one of Michael's "that's what she said" jokes, but the irony of that will not be lost on you. A plain white button up shirt, baby-sized tie, and of course Michael's signature mug complete this look.



If your baby seems like they might one day have the ability to rule the Party Planning Committee with an iron fist or are on track to become cat-obsessed, dressing them like Angela from The Office is only fitting. Angela's buttoned up style is easy to achieve with a light sweater, ruffled onesie and a plaid skirt.


Dwight Schrute

For a costume from The Office that really 'beets' them all, dressing your baby like Dwight Schrute is the obvious choice. With wire-rimmed glasses, a mustard yellow button down, and a brown tie to pull it all together, your baby can be the spitting image of the assistant to the regional manager himself — just don't forget to give your baby a killer comb over. Bonus points if can pull off dressing your baby as Jim, dressed as Dwight.


Pam Beesly

Is your baby drawn to office supplies, but are secretly an aspiring artist? Although her character notes that most little girls don't dream of becoming a receptionist, if your baby enjoys answering the phone and snickering at Jim's corny jokes (or if you do), you may have a future receptionist on your hands, so dressing them like Pam Beesly from The Office for Halloween is a no-brainer. To make this outfit even more Pam-centric, try adding a pad of Post-it notes or a few file folders.


Jim Halpert

The suggested Jim Halpert attire may look plain and simple — and it is — but attaching a few black felt or construction paper circles to your baby's plain white button down will give them the exact same Halloween costume Jim sported in season two. Three hole punch Jim is arguably one of the best versions of Jim, and it makes for a perfectly ironic The Office Halloween costume for your baby.


Andy Bernard

At first glance, it might seem like Dunder Mifflin salesman turned regional manager, Andy Bernard and your baby don't have a lot in common. Andy enjoys a cappella singing, sailing, and letting everyone know he went to Cornell (which obviously your baby isn't old enough to do) but he also has a bit of an anger issue, which your baby might be able to relate to if they've ever cried for what seemed like hours on end when you can't quite figure out what they want. So, dressing your baby in a stately blazer and bowtie like Andy just makes sense.



It is hard not to love the ever-awkward Phyllis from The Office. Winner of 500 Dundies, she is always working hard to improve things around the office in her own, quiet way. If your baby aspires to marry Bob Vance in a wedding identical to the one Pam planned and then cancelled with Roy, a Phyllis costume is the perfect choice.