I Can *NOT* With Pottery Barn's Baby Hippo Halloween Costume

The most wonderful time of the year happens to be right around the corner. And no, it's not Christmas. Halloween is the one magical night of the year where parents can dress their babies up in the most ridiculously cute costumes they can find without a smidge of judgement. If I tried to dress a baby up as a flamingo on any other day, my parenting may seriously be in question, but thanks to the selection of Pottery Barn Kids baby Halloween costumes, doing it on Halloween will yield some seriously delightful results.

You probably already know that Pottery Barn Kids released their selection of Halloween costumes for kids in early July, getting parents revved up for the ultimate candy collecting holiday extra early this year. The kids' costumes available feature a range of characters from emojis to Harry Potter, and serve to set kids and parents up for some seriously cute Instagram posts come Halloween time.

The same preciousness can be found in the store's selection of baby Halloween costumes. Pottery Barn Kids' choices for babies run the gamut from traditional pumpkins and witch costumes to baby barnyard animals like piglets and cows, and mythical creatures like dragons and fairies. Even though your baby may not be old enough to eat any candy quite yet, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from throwing a baby duckling costume on them and knocking on a few neighborhood doors to show off your sweet little costumed babe.

Baby Skunk

Although I typically don't think of skunks as cute and cuddly creatures, this costume is begging me to change my mind. Another aspect of skunk behavior that alludes to babyhood is that the stench they emit is not unlike what a baby with a full diaper smells like right before you change it, making this costume all the more appropriate.

Baby Flamingo

You're not going to want to miss the opportunity to dress your baby up like a flamingo in this adorable Pottery Barn Kids Halloween costume this year. Your baby is only little enough to agree to wear this much pink shag fur for so long, and you should most definitely take advantage of that.

Baby Red Dragon Costume

Although spitting up and fire breathing are not technically the same skill, you could argue that this precious dragon costume will make the spitting up a little more bearable. Not only is this charming dragon costume available for babies in sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months, larger sizes up to a kids size 7-8 can be purchased if you're looking to have all of your kids slay in dragon getups on Halloween.

Baby Unicorn

Unicorn mania is far from over — especially when you dress your baby in a unicorn costume as cute as this one for Halloween. The shiny gold horn just makes me want to frolic alongside any baby wearing this while trick-or-treating.

Baby Chick

There is just something about this baby chick costume that makes it absolutely perfect for cuddly babies. Maybe it's the way the fluffy yellow chick is nestled in the the cracked open egg shell, or perhaps it is the addition of the beak and waddling chicken feet shoes to an already snuggly baby. Regardless, you're going to want to give your little one an extra squeeze or two when they're wearing this soft velour chick costume.

Baby Hippo

You may not have always imagined dressing your baby up like a hippo for Halloween, but after seeing how absolutely darling this Pottery Barn Kids hippo costume for babies is, how can you not? I mean, just look at those two front teeth peeking out from the top of the headpiece. It hardly gets more precious than that.

Woodland Baby Fox

Picturing a sly fox may not automatically conjure images in your mind of babies dressed up for Halloween, but this friendly woodland creature costume is far from your typical slinky fox. The silky fur featured on this whimsical fox costume is perfect for keeping babies warm on a chilly Halloween night, and great for garnering plenty of adoring looks from the neighbors while out trick-or-treating.