5 'The Office' Halloween Costumes For Babies With Great Senses Of Humor

If you're still searching for the perfect baby Halloween costume, chances are you've happened upon all of the tried and true options. A baby Wonder Woman? Of course. Baby zombie? Sure. Any kind of baby animal? Been there, done that. It might seem like you're out of options when it comes to original, creative costumes for your baby. But to that, I would offer an emphatic "False!" and quickly remind you that unless you've decided to dress your baby in The Office Halloween costumes this year, you haven't ran out of options just yet.

As arguably the best show to ever grace TV screens, The Office is dry, witty, addicting, hilarious, and coincidentally, the perfect subject for a Halloween costume. Whether your favorite character is sweet Jim Halpert, reliable Pam Beesly (er, Halpert), know-it-all Dwight Schrute, or the "best boss ever" Michael Scott, every character on the show provides more than enough in quippy lines, personality, and outfit inspiration to make your baby's first costume one for the books. As long as said book is printed on Dunder Mifflin paper, of course.

Although your baby may not be quite old enough to appreciate the creative genius that is The Office, choosing any of these beloved (and occasionally inappropriate) characters for their first costume is probably the best parenting move you can make.


Dwight Schrute

Dunder Mifflin's most enthusiastic employee in baby form is quite possibly the most hilarious idea in existence. All you need to get his fashion-forward, paper-pushing look is a baby-sized button up shirt ($6, Kohls) (ideally a gross, muted yellow shade), a brown tie ($15, Walmart), some baby khakis ($10, Children's Place), and a pair of glasses. To make the suit even more recognizable, give your little guy a comb-over and a name tag that reads "Dwight." On second thought, false, it should definitely read "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica."


Michael Scott

If your child values sarcasm and can appreciate a painfully awkward demeanor, then Michael Scott should be their costume subject this Halloween. Luckily, Michael's look is far too easy to pull off, but his attitude and ability to work "that's what she said" jokes into every situation, may take a little bit more effort.

You'll need a white button up shirt ($10, OshKosh), a black jacket ($30, Children's Place), a tie ($7, Etsy), and black slacks ($18, Old Navy). Add a black, short wig on top and a "World's Best Boss" mug ($13, Amazon) and your baby is set to rule their office.


Pam Beesly

For girls, Pam is the natural choice for a Halloween costume. She's sweet, smart, talented, and learns quickly to stand up for herself amidst Michael's shenanigans.

To dress your baby as Pam Beesly, you'll need a baby button up shirt ($15, Target), a cardigan ($12, Old Navy), a skirt ($12, Carters), tights ($6, H&M), and some Mary Janes ($12, Old Navy). Add a curly red wig, a few files and a phone to play with, and the secretary is in the house.


Jim Halpert

The king of pranks and side-glances at the camera himself is a great option for baby's first Halloween. Luckily, Jim is no stranger to clever costumes, and his classic three-hole-punch Jim costume is as easy to replicate as it is witty.

You'll need a baby-sized button up shirt ($10, OshKosh), some black pants ($8, Old Navy), a black tie ($11, Absolute Ties), and of course, three small black felt circles glued or sewn on to the shirt.



Dunder Mifflin's resident cat lady is another great option if you're looking for a hilarious non-Pam option, or maybe for a baby-Angela and a baby-Dwight pair. You'll need a button up or ruffle-collared onesie ($10, H&M), a baby skirt ($26, Gap), and a cardigan ($10, Old Navy), with at least one stuffed cat ($5, Stuffed Safari).

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