10 Amazon Prime Mother's Day Gifts That Can Be Ordered Just In Time

Hopefully you won't forget Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 13 this year, but if you do, thank God for Amazon Prime and it's free two-day (and sometimes even faster) shipping, am I right? Not only that, but Amazon Prime has a lot of thoughtful and sentimental gifts for mom this year, everything from books to jewelry to plants. Hopefully you won't have to take advantage of that super fast shipping, and only take advantage of those deals and discounts on Amazon Prime Mother's Day gifts. For whatever that special mom in your life is into, I can guarantee there's something on Amazon's vast list of items that will be sure to make her feel loved and special on Mother's Day.

Is Mom more of a jewelry person, or does she like coffee and books? Or maybe even all three? This list has some beautiful sentimental jewelry, funny coffee mugs (for when she has time to drink hot coffee), books and even a special plant — if she's into that sort of thing. You can't go wrong when searching for the perfect Mother's Day gift on Amazon; there are literally thousands of items available at your fingertips. Surely there's something she would love to receive and you can get it super fast.


At Least You Don’t Have Ugly Children Coffee Mug

At Least You Don’t Have Ugly Children Coffee Mug, $12, Amazon Prime

Ain't that the truth? This mug will make mom smile every time she uses it — even if her coffee is cold when she finally has time to sip on it. Along with this coffee mug, offer mom some alone time to enjoy some hot coffee while you take care of the kids and the house that morning.


Bamboo Cutting Board with Poem

Bamboo Cutting Board with Poem, $27, Amazon Prime

No, this isn't supposed to mean you think mom should be cooking on her special day — this board is most definitely for decor only. Made of bamboo, this cutting board comes with a special Mother's Day poem engraved on there and will look quite special in the kitchen.


Tickle Me Plant

Tickle Me Plant, $17, Amazon Prime

For moms who enjoy gardening and plants (and who don't have a black thumb like me and kill succulents), this plant is really punny and a sweet idea. It's a great gift from the kids to their mom because not only are they "tickled" she's their mom, but this particular plant moves and wiggles when you tickle it once it's fully grown. How crazy is that? Plus it will give the family something to do together that will create memories.


Family Tree Bracelet

Family Tree Bracelet, $13, Amazon Prime

Whether you're a daughter giving this to your mom, or you're a partner giving this gift on behalf of your child, the special mom in your life will love this family tree charm bracelet. The inscription, "The love between a mother & daughter is forever" is most definitely true. The bracelet is stainless steel and hand stamped.


Love You Mom Necklace

Love You Mom Necklace, $26, Amazon Prime

Mom will adore this layered engraved pendant. It has three rings engraved with "Mom I Love You," and "Always be with you." Made with rose gold, silver and gold plated brass, she'll love its elegance and special meaning.


Adjustable Heart Gemstone Bracelet

Adjustable Heart Gemstone Bracelet, $21, Amazon Prime

Does the mom in your life have multiple children? This adorable heart birthstone bracelet would be the perfect Mother's Day gift to honor all of her children. And even if she has one kid for now, they can customize this bracelet to have just one heart.


'The Moth Presents: All These Wonders' Book

The Moth Presents: All These Wonders Book, $17, Amazon Prime

The Moth is an amazing Podcast series where it brings back the art of the spoken word. People from all over the world come and tell their stories on stage that relates to that particular show's theme. And this book may be inspirational to the new mom in your life, as it's true stories about facing the unknown. With this book, give her the gift of peace and alone time so she can become immersed in great storytelling, if only for a little while.


8. Mommin’ Ain’t Easy Wine Glass

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy Wine Glass, $16, Amazon Prime

What mom wouldn't want a wine glass for Mother's Day? And how perfect is this one, which only speaks the truth?


'The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother'

The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother, $17, Amazon Prime

Labor and delivery is tough, and that's an understatement. Your body goes through a lot just during pregnancy, and throw in the trauma of childbirth, and your body is in some serious need of care and nourishment. This book has healing soup and meal recipes, as well as "calming and lactation-inducing teas," according to the description. Give the brand new mom in your life the book that's supposed to simultaneously inspire, celebrate, and soothe after she brings a life into this world.


Willow Tree Mother & Son Figurine

Willow Tree Mother and Son Figurine, $35 to $40, Amazon Prime

This beautiful piece can be customized or purchased as is. And isn't there just something about the bond between a mom and son? Minus the farting and dirt, that is. But he will love you like no other.

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