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10 Memes For Those Who Hate The New England Patriots (So Basically Everyone)

Super Bowl LIII is almost here, which means it's time to dust off your favorite anti-Patriots memes because everyone is officially a Rams fan now. Look, I'm from Atlanta, so I can't technically root for anyone but the Falcons per my husband, but if they're not on the field fighting for the Lombardi trophy, then I have to go with the lesser of two evils. And when that comes to the Patriots and the Rams, it's definitely the Rams. Actually, the lesser of two evils is any team other than the Patriots.

OK fine. I know there are some New England Patriots fans that feel very strongly about Tom Brady and his status as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. But you know what? The rest of us are very tired of seeing New England win all the sporting events. (And I don't just mean us Atlanta fans that are still licking our wounds after 2017.) Boston literally just won the World Series last year, and they have more than enough Lombardi trophies to keep themselves occupied. Also, do we even have to discuss Deflategate? Let's face it — no matter what team you usually root for, there's room on the Rams bandwagon this coming Super Bowl Sunday. And, as always, there's plenty of room for anti-Patriots memes.



It's basically magic at this point. Go Rams go!



My favorite thing about this is that St. Louis has a Patriots logo because of the switch the Rams made from St. Louis to Los Angeles in 2016. So, you know, fair that they're rooting for Brady and Gronk, I guess.


Where's The Lie?

The ref being paid with the yellow flag in his pocket is a nice touch.


No Patriots Allowed

Truly, not a single Patriots player is allowed.


Secret Ref Cheer

Except it's not so secret and everyone's convinced the refs are big Brady fans. (Also big Nick Saban fans, but that's just the UGA fan in me coming out.)


No Time For Criticism

Like you care if everyone knows you hate the Patriots. SAY IT EVEN LOUDER.


Oregon Trail 2.0

No one's going to die of dysentery in this wagon, but we are going to pretend we're from Los Angeles and love the Rams.


The World's Most Accurate Graph

I mean, this is so true it hurts.


Those New Quarterback Rules, Am I Right?

Everyone that loves football has complained about how tightly wound the refs are lately when it comes to quarterback safety. At this point, you're practically not even allowed to go near a QB for fear of a flag. But on Super Bowl Sunday, everyone can expect the field to look like it's made of yellow flags if Brady gets sacked. (Or even looked at the wrong way.) Seriously, everyone talks about how much soccer players overreact to getting hurt, but have you ever seen Tom Brady's face when he gets sacked? My 4-year-old doesn't even throw a comparable tantrum.



Oh man. Let's not get started on the overtime rules in the NFL. The Chiefs manage to tie up a close game and don't even get a chance to have the ball in OT? Oof. Let's hate the Patriots to make us feel better.