10 Celebrities Who Are Done Having Kids, So Quit Asking Them About It

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Knowing when to stop having kids is a huge decision that requires a great deal of thought. There's no magical formula or test that determines when you're done having kids. No matter how much they love their kids, it's a tricky issue that many parents fear of regretting one day. While some parents aren’t ready to cut the cord, some go to great lengths and medical procedures to stop having kids. And, because they’re just like us, there are a few celebrities who are done having kids.

It's hard to know for sure when your youngest or only child will be your last. In recent news, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have hired a surrogate to carry their third baby after doctors told her she couldn’t carry any more kids, according to E! News. Similar to most big parenting decisions, however, choosing to stop having kids is just a gut feeling. For many of these famous couples, having just two or three kids felt complete. Others were just exhausted from their pregnancies or physically unable to add more little ones. Although there's no concrete answer to how many kids you'll eventually settle with, here are some celebrity parents who won't be extending their families anytime soon.

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