These Women's Halloween Costumes On Amazon Prime Are So Cheap, It's Scary

I love Halloween but I've always been more of a "Let's see what I can throw together" kind of gal. I'm usually taping something on as I walk out the door on Halloween night. But since my 4-year-old is now at an age when she takes Halloween costumes pretty seriously, I've decided it's time that I just bite the bullet and buy a costume. That's why I rounded up 10 cheap costumes for women on Amazon Prime under $20. With any of these costumes, you can look frighteningly festive while staying on budget.

Whether you want to be a superhero for the night, or you want to spice things up dressed as hot sauce, these cheap and easy Halloween costumes are perfect for a night out trick-or-treating with your little ghouls, or for attending your own Halloween bash. Plus, a lot of these looks can be worn in some capacity well beyond fright night. The Green Lantern t-shirt, with abs, is something you might just want to rock while binge-watching your favorite show on the couch!

So if you're still on the prowl for the perfect Halloween get-up, here are 10 Amazon Prime costumes that you could have at your door in just two short days or less.