10 Clever Halloween Costumes For Couples Who Want To Rule The Night

Being one half of a couple really increases your odds of rocking the best Halloween costume at every party you go to. Having a partner gives you so many more options to dress up as, from famous couples and iconic duos from TV, movies, and real life, to silly puns that take two to act out. Of course, it may take some convincing to get your significant other to agree to your idea— but with all the clever Halloween costumes for couples to choose from, you should be able to find something that suits you both.

You don't necessarily have to go with a saccharine sweet idea like dressing up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse or Raggedy Ann and Andy (unless they just happen to be your faves, of course). You can DIY a costume look based on what you binge watch together, classic movies you both get a kick out of, or cartoons you both love. You can even pay homage to an artist you admire if you'd like. Whatever look you end up choosing, dressing up together can making celebrating Halloween extra fun this year. You two will go together like peanut butter and jelly with these 12 clever couples costumes.


Wilson & Chuck From 'Castaway'

There’s no love quite like that between a man and his volleyball. One partner should wear a white shirt ($2+, Amazon) sketched with a volleyball pattern and Wilson’s icon red handprint face. The other only needs to wear a huge beard ($10, Amazon) with no shirt and be prepared to scream “Wilson!” all night long.


The Sailor & The Nurse

You've probably seen that iconic picture of a dramatic kiss between a sailor and nurse jubilantly celebrating the end of World War II— someone in your dorm probably had a poster of the shot like this one ($8, Amazon). The romantic pair make a great couple's costume— with the nice perk of having to theatrically smooch your partner every time someone asks you what you guys are dressed up as. All you need is a faux sailor's uniform ($20, Amazon) and a nurse's outfit ($26, Amazon).

If you want to make it even more amazing, go for a black and white movie makeup look.


Steve Jobs & ... An Apple

Even if the new iPhone X isn’t in the cards for you, you and your significant other can pay homage to the superpower company and its late creator. Steve Jobs should wear a black turtleneck ($15, Uniqlo) and wire glasses ($7, Amazon). Some salt and pepper scruff is a plus. His creation, Apple, is good to go with this adorable costume ($60, Halloween Costumes).


Curious George & The Man With the Yellow Hat

The best thing about dressing as Curious George is that it’s an easy DIY (Just wear all brown with ears and a tail!) but there are also endless costume options if you prefer, like this monkey onesie ($28, Target). The Man should dress head to toe in banana yellow, made easy with this Man with the Yellow Hat costume ($28, Walmart).


Jon Snow & Daenerys

Daenerys and Khal Drogo are so five seasons ago. The hot new Game of Thrones couple is Dany and Jon Snow (and never mind that whole incest thing). To get Daenerys' look, you'll need a platinum blonde wig ($20, Amazon), a long white gown ($58, Top Shop), and of course, tons of queenly bling ($100, Etsy). Jon's look calls for a curly black wig ($20, Amazon), black furs ($100, Amazon) for staying warm in the North, and of course, a sword (Amazon, $90).


Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is such an expected costume. Step up your game by adding bright pink face paint ($6, Amazon) to her classic white dress ($35, eBay) and blonde tresses ($15, Target). Complete the look by having your very own Andy Warhol tag along for the night sporting his own black turtleneck ($15, Uniqlo), huge clear frame glasses ($10, Amazon), and a shock of platinum hair ($14, Amazon). Get ready to be the most artistic couple in the room.


American Gothic

You and your partner can become a living work of art with just a few simple pieces. The famous painting "American Gothic" comes to life with just a collared dress ($24, Amazon), denim overalls ($40, Overstock), a black blazer ($40, River Island), and of course, a pitchfork ($10, Amazon). How's that for a highbrow Halloween?


Wonder Woman & Batman

Wonder Woman was one of the summer's hottest movies, and her iconic (and of course, sexy) uniform is sure to be making lots of appearances at Halloween parties this year. Comic book fans know that Wonder Woman has a bit of a flirtation going on with Batman, making them an ideal duo to dress up as. Rock your Wonder Woman costume ($36, Amazon) and Batman costume ($30, Amazon) and you'll be ready to save the world together.



You and your partner might not look anything alike, but neither did Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarnezegger in 1988's hit comedy Twins. That's just what makes this costume so fun, and the greater the height difference between you and your S.O., the better. All you need to pull off this hilarious look is a matching outfit of your choosing. Might I suggest sticking with the original 80's aesthetic of the movie for maximum hilarity: khakis ($25, Kohl's), a patterned button down ($100, Mr. Porter) and thick black shades ($56, Pop Map).


Bob Ross & A Painting

Prepare to experience The Joy of Painting this Halloween by dressing as the dynamic duo Bob Ross and his nature painting. Bob Ross should wear his signature light blue button down ($20, H&M), giant hair ($15, Spirit Halloween), and a painter’s palette ($6, Amazon). Watch one of Ross’ videos and follow along to create one of his iconic nature scenes on a large canvas ($14, Amazon) and hang it around the other partner’s neck. Voila! You both are artistes for the evening.

Nini Matti contributed to this story.

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