10 Clever (& Easy) DIY Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women
by Yvette Manes
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Do you have a little bun in the oven? If so, you are lucky to be expecting this time of year because there just are so many clever Halloween costumes for pregnant women. The best thing about these costumes is that most of them are quick, easy, and inexpensive to put together yourself.

I am a big proponent of the DIY costume, even more so if you already have the pieces you need for your costume in your closet or find them for a stea. No one loves spending a ton of cash on a store-bought costume that will, most likely, be a one-time wear. In fact, before I discovered that I was crafty, I ended up filling a huge storage tub with costumes that my empty wallet wouldn't let me part with. Yes, the storage container is still in my garage, and no, none of the adult costumes have ever been worn again.

Another reason to consider a homemade Halloween costume is that maternity costumes, just like maternity clothing, can be ridiculously expensive. If you are ready to take on a quick and easy DIY project, and be the cutest pregnant mama at the party, here are some clever Halloween costumes for moms-to-be.


Winnie The Pooh

Courtesy of Yvette Manes

Pregnant mamas make the cutest Winnie The Poohs. Start with a pair of gold stretchy pants, pair with a matching gold long-sleeve t-shirt, and top with a red short-sleeve t-shirt. Finish off the look with a pair of Pooh ears, and you can make a honey pot out of a pumpkin and a marker.


Fish Bowl

Courtesy of Yvette Manes

Your tummy can be a cute fish bowl this Halloween. Layer a dark blue t-shirt (with a hole cut out for the belly) over a light blue t-shirt or tank top, and paint an aquarium scene using an acrylic paint set.



Courtesy of Yvette Manes

You will be a hit at your company Halloween party dressed as pregnant Arnold Schwarzenegger from the 1994 film, Junior. Start with a white dress shirt, a necktie, top with a black blazer and this Arnold Schwarzenegger mask.


Jack O' Lantern

Courtesy of Yvette Manes

If you want a fun and simple costume this year, you can go as a Jack O' Lantern. All you need for this look is a white top of your choosing. Then pull out the art supplies: you’ll need black washable paint, orange washable paint, and some brushes.


Sunny Side Up Egg

Courtesy of Yvette Manes

You can make a quick sunny side egg costume with a yellow maternity tank top and some white poster board or foam board that you cut out in the shape of the egg white with a hole in the middle for your belly. There a few ways to make the “egg white” stick onto the “yolk.” You can use a non-toxic, fast-drying glue, sew on snap buttons, or simply use some strong tape.



Courtesy of Yvette Manes

This adorable Minion costume also starts out with a yellow maternity tank top. You can paint the eye and mouth with acrylic paint, or get an XL googly eye. Use the rim of a mason jar lid tied with black elastic to create the goggle. For the hair, grab some black pipe cleaners and a red ribbon. And finish the look off with blue suspenders.


Ash Ketchum and Poké Ball

Courtesy of Yvette Manes

You will catch 'em all in this Ash Ketchum and Poké Ball costume. Start with a white t-shirt and blue cardigan. Use washable paints to paint the Poké Ball on your belly. Top the look off with an Ash Ketchum hat.


Basketball Player

Courtesy of Yvette Manes

This basketball player is such a great Halloween look! Layer a black tank over an orange one. Paint the outline of a basketball onto your belly (on the orange tank). Now all your need are some shorts and your most comfy basketball shoes.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Courtesy of Yvette Manes

To turn your belly into a TMNT this Halloween, start with a green t-shirt. Cut out an eyemask shape out of a felt color of your choosing — you might need more than one piece to make sure it goes all the way around your waist. Use black paint or a black marker to draw the mouth and fill in the eyes. You can finish the look with a turtle shell.


Red Sox Player

Courtesy of Yvette Manes

This is the perfect costume for a hardcore Red Sox fan. Layer a white tee under a Boston Red Sox t-shirt. Use a red marker to draw the stitching on a baseball onto the white shirt. Top it off with a Boston Red Sox hat. So cute, and so quick! Of course, you can easily substitute the hat and t-shirt for you favorite team.

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