Comfortable Wedding Heels For Pregnant Brides
10 Comfortable Wedding Heels For Pregnant Brides, Because Your Feet Hurt Enough
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I almost had to cut my feet out of my Vans when I was 7 months pregnant after I took a long walk. I stupidly wore my new Vans when my husband and I walked about two or three miles round-trip, and by the time we got to our car, my feet wouldn't come out of my shoes because they swelled up so much. I couldn't imagine how bad it would be if I had to wear heels for something — like your wedding. What kind of comfortable wedding heels for pregnant women are out there? Are we destined to have to go barefoot?

One fun option that a few of my friends did for their weddings was have everyone in the bridal party (including the bride and groom) wear Converse shoes. And the bride wasn't even pregnant. But boy were those wedding pictures adorable and everybody looked great. If Converse isn't your thing, you could go Father of the Bride and wear white sneakers with lacy shoe laces like Annie did. But if you're set on wearing heels for your big day, that's pretty awesome.

I was too scared to wear heels when I was pregnant, but I always thought the women who did looked super cute. When you're looking for a good heel when you're pregnant, I believe a low heel and wide shoe is key. And all of these comfortable wedding shoes for pregnant folks fit the bill in one way or another.

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